Lavrov and Lukashenko nothing to talk about

Drakakhrust: There have been conflicting reports as to why during his visit to Minsk, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov did not he met with President Alexander Lukashenko. "Kommersant" writes that he wanted to Lukashenko, by the RIA-Novosti President Dmitry Medvedev banned Lavrov to meet with Lukashenko. What do you think — what is the reason?

Lukyanov: In principle, it does not matter. Even if they suddenly met, it would not be especially about talking. In fact, after the famous appeal President Medvedev and statements in response to President Lukashenko can not see any clearance. And it is unlikely to appear before the election. It is clear what they will end, but it is certain limit, which is not something that allows you to turn the page — it's just unlikely, but to build a new type of politics. Before the elections do it pointless.

So the meeting never took place, and both parties are satisfied with it, so there is nothing to say to each other.

Drakakhrust: How do you think the Russian will act during the election campaign in Belarus? Can now, after registration, to say about someone — this is our candidate?

Lukyanov: In no case. Moscow about anyone would say that this is our candidate. Because it is not, if it is serious look. Moscow, which I had on was, a great power, and if they can support any candidate, it is only this that has a real chance at something. In this case, no such people at all, and it would be irresponsible and are crazy for someone to support. Second, another question — would add to it is the vote. After all, if the only time Russia has openly supported candidates — Mr. Yanukovych in 2004 — we know how it ended. So even if a candidate was, Moscow may be better to distance from him. But since it is not, then nothing to talk about.

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