Living within the Earth plasma

October 6, 2012 15:32

Crust cuts the dense network of ancient "scars" — faults. On them continuously move rocks that prevent their "healing." One such fault passing through Zelenograd, has long attracted the attention of geophysicists. His behavior does not seem quite familiar.

A ufologists consider this place one of the largest Russian anomalous zones over which allegedly flying fireballs and UFOs.

— The study showed suburban faults: they are the most active, — the main researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Valery Rudakov. — They really live: their width during the day several times changing.

Foundation of Moscow — geological structure, dropped fault line at a depth of about half to two miles. This looks like a sediment-filled a huge failure, stretching across the center of the capital and most of the suburbs. Moreover, sediment as it float in the water like an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean.

But the behavior of the Zelenograd fault, according to scientists, will not go into any framework. — At a certain time of day — usually in the evening — of fault allocated so-called "cold plasma", which gradually fills a large underground area, and about a half to two hours slowly recede, — said Rudakov. — What it is — is not clear. More than 100 years ago, K. Tsiolkovsky proposed the hypothesis of the existence of life in the plasma of the Sun and the solar origins of life on Earth. In the middle of the last century, scientists have made a discovery: these magnetic plasma structures (plasmoids) are common on Earth.

Main place of their habitat — the ionosphere — a hot rarefied plasma layer at a height of about 50 km above the Earth. But, apparently, they are present and under our feet — deep underground. But how to explain the clear "plot" movement, "plasma", why she "chose" is a particular fault — an issue that requires the attention of scientists. Perhaps, we should look similar to that of other, much more hot plasma formations — fireballs, which to this day remains one of the most intriguing mysteries of science #

While scientists have puzzled over this question, ufologists believe that already found the answer. The head of the Zelenograd UFO club Egor Usachev, who gave half his life studying abnormal faults suburbs, said: plasma "settled" is not accidental. This — a special form of life may be more ancient than humanity itself.

— For three years, a team of scientists, led by the famous Italian geophysicist Luciano Bocconi, conducted research in the fault zone that passes through the Gulf of Genoa coast, he said. — The work of the researchers used high-geophysical instruments capable of locating small changes in magnetic fields and radiation, and cameras with highly sensitive infrared film to allow shooting in the invisible region of the spectrum for the man. The use of devices allowed to open a brand new, unseen world that exists parallel to our own. Reflected on the film, according to Luciano Bocconi, "objects with the plasma nature."

The reality of their existence confirms the change of indications of geophysical instruments. This alien life presents us plasma "strange-looking creatures: demons, griffins, amoeboid structure without some form or translucent plasma drops — all these objects slid, hopped in the air at an incredible rate." Something very similar to the fault found in Hoper famous Russian geophysicist from Voronezh Henry silane.

So, both researchers came to the conclusion that these mysterious structures are somehow connected with natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, abnormal weather changes, and may even provoke them. I think our fault — their closest "relative". If we believe our interlocutor, mysterious objects from the plasma of Zelenograd fault of great interest to a process accompanied by the release of energy. It should fire break out in the city — they are right there, "crawl" on the surface and hang above the flashpoint.

And over the power plants and transformer station they just swarm like hungry vampires. Any storm or accident in the power supply of the city, as noted by our source, does not ignore them party. Whether plasmoids fed such energy, whether it themselves generate # And then, and more sounds to us mere mortals, not very encouraging.

— It is clear that some of Zelenograd and Hoper faults in Russia and the Gulf of Genoa in Italy are one and the same phenomenon — says ufologist. — We are faced with an unknown form of life on Earth.

But Valery Rudakov believes: — Similar conclusions — pure fantasy. There is no reason to assume a fireball or plasma underground intelligent life forms. However, this phenomenon is not mentioned are less interesting. If people are able to approach the interpretation of these phenomena, the next step is to attempt to "tame."

Now a number of countries, including Russia, conducted groundbreaking experiments to create ball lightning in the lab, and the cold plasma is obtained and is even used for medical sterilization and production of antibiotics. The ability to use this type of energy in the future will give to humanity, are on the verge of a global energy crisis, a truly inexhaustible possibilities. And Zelenograd, a city of science, can play a significant role.

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