Locusts besieging Astrakhan region: emergency mode introduced in three districts

A state of emergency due to the locust invasion is introduced in three districts in the Astrakhan region. On the eve of MOE announced the introduction of emergency in the area Ikryaninsky, May 10 Emergency mode was announced in Liman, and 24 May — Kamyzyaksky areas.

In Ikryaninsky pests populated area already 2.8 thousand hectares of land in Kamyzyaksky — 10.5 thousand hectares, Liman — 39 thousand hectares. Development of larvae locust pests contribute weather conditions — high temperature up to + 32 degrees, a slight amount of precipitation and low volume of the spring flood, the ITAR-TASS news agency explained in a regional emergency department.

In early June the locusts take off. Before that it is not destroyed, there is a real threat to crops in vast areas. For pest control thrown specialized equipment and aviation. They are sprayed with pesticides territory.

The locust is the most dangerous in the area of irrigated agriculture. This insect destroys buckwheat, corn, sunflowers, beans, melons, potatoes and cereals.

One of the most famous kinds of locusts — Italian locust. It is widely distributed in the middle and lower Volga region in the south of the European part, in Western Siberia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

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