Longish arm for infantry

The U.S. military choose a new long-range sniper weapon

Long arm for infantry

Americans began to search for substitute rifles, served the GI for over 60 years. It is a question not just about upgrading weapons, and a sharp increase of its features in range and accuracy of fire.

At the end of April, it became clear that the United States Marine Corps is developing requirements for the sniper rifle, the latest generation of effective firing range of 1,500 meters future instrument has received the preliminary designation SR21 — sniper rifle of the XXI century. When the case will determine their preferences for SR21, is not yet clear, but according to his representative, requests Marines are very close to the requirements of the Special Operations Forces Command (USSOCOM), which announced a tender for the newest sniper rifle in March 2010.

The future "tool" for snipers from the South American Special Forces units must be no longer than 132 cm in the form of a combat-ready and do not have the components longer than 101 cm, weight 8.1 kg with limited equipment stores and Picatinny rail (standard bracket for mounting scopes and other options ). Cartridge meant to use the standard, mass-produce. Capacity — 5 rounds. In accordance with the ideas of translation rifle commandos from the fighting position to transport time should not take more than 2-minutes.

The main requirement, as in the Marine Corps, is presented for effective firing range — more than 1500 m At the same time the accuracy of the fire should be 1 arc minute (MOA) in the group of 10 shots at ranges of 300, 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 m .

New tool intended to substitute special forces used rifles M40, M24 and MK13. They are in service, not only in special units, and (as appropriate) in the Marine Corps, Army and U.S. Navy. All three are based on the standard Remington 700 has been published since 1962. This is a shop tool with a longitudinally-rotating bolt.

The main ammunition for American sniper rifles at the present time is the cartridge 7,62 x51 mm NATO. There are also modifications under such vserasprostranennye cartridges as .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum.

The caliber and type of ammunition for rifles latest USSOCOM specifically slander, the bidders are given the opportunity to find a better option. But, according to the views of a number of professionals, a standard 7.62-mm cartridge NATO is not suitable for the creation of a long-range sniper weapon. More applicable candidate can perhaps be regarded as .338 Lapua Magnum. This ammunition was created in 1983 by the American company Research Armament Industries (RAI) specifically for long-range sniper shooting. In metric terms, he has the caliber of 8.58 mm and a length of 71 mm. His title should be the Finnish company Lapua, which the Americans had booked and Load a new cartridge in 1984.

.338 Lapua Magnum cartridge can be applied to a range of up to 1,800 m, but the impact of gun fire, calculated under this ammunition is just the required USSOCOM and the Marine Corps, a distance of 1,500 meters on the distance of 1000 m techno shooting accuracy can reach 0.5 MOA.

On this day role in the tender Special Operations Command forces interested in 12 companies, among which the South American division of the Belgian FN Herstal, and Barrett Firearms, Desert Tactical Arms, Remington. The last three have already done and offer to supply modern sniper tool, from which to conduct aimed fire at the desired distance 1500 m This is a modular sniper rifle (MSR) from Remington Arms, 98B from Barrett Firearms and Stealth Recon Scout from Desert Tactical Arms. The first two are classic assembly, the latter is based on the scheme Bullpup. According to its weight and size features all the standards of supplies stacked in the charges against USSOCOM requirements. The smallest and lightest of them — Stealth Recon Scout, although its trunk and slightly shorter than the other rifles. MSR and 98B have a modular design with quick-change barrels. Each set can enter multiple trunks and closures for various calibers. This solution increases the elasticity of the tactical weapons, training also allows you to shoot more than a cheap ammunition.

Given that extensive offer of sniper rifles that meet the required specification, Special Operations Forces Command and the Marine Corps, most likely, will not have to strain themselves very rational selection of options.

It should be noted that the Russian Ministry of Defense also dissatisfied with the existing sniper rifles in the army, the core of which is SVD. This summer, plan to conduct comparative tests of modern guns for snipers, except the Russian public will perceive the role and zabugornye manufacturing companies. As long as the winner in the middle of the foreign producers look British company Accuracy International — developer of the rifle AW (Arctic Warfare), was in service of the kingdom under the sun symbol L96A1.

Rifle AW has a number of versions for different cartridges. Including a long-range .338 Lapua. With this ammunition efficient range shooting out of it is more than 1100 m AW is one of the most high-precision tactical rifle: regardless of the cartridge and barrel length shooting accuracy is 0.4 to 0.7 MOA.

The highest performance characteristics of this instrument except the UK have appreciated in 28 other states, the forces which adopted it.

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