Lozowick: The law does not give the right to the presidential candidates of immunity

Of the registered candidates for president has immunity only Alexander Lukashenko — the acting president of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the Constitution.

On the issue of Radio Liberty, owned by a candidate for president immunity (the ban on their personal search, a search of their residential and office space, the inability of criminal or civil liability except by Attorney General, which is guaranteed by the deputy of the supreme legislative body) — Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik said:

Lazavik: "No immunity presidential candidate law does not. They are responsible before the law as well as ordinary citizens. Only thing they can not during the election campaign to dismiss from work, and during the campaign, they can take a vacation."

As explained Nikolai Lozovik, reduced the amount of immunity for deputies. If previously the deputy of the local council could be prosecuted only with the consent of the council session, but now it is enough to solve the prosecutor of the relevant territorial unit. A similar principle applies to members of the highest legislative body — in order to prosecute the deputy of the Council of the Republic or the House of Representatives of the Attorney General sufficient solution.

As recalled by Radio Liberty St. Michael Rice, employee of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Neklyaeva, in the last presidential Elections were examples of criminal prosecution and even the use of force to the candidate. So, March 2, 2006 presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was beaten while trying to get to the "All-Belarusian Assembly" against him were filed two criminal cases during the election campaign.

Under President Alexander Lukashenko violated the rights of persons to whom the law guarantees the inviolability of, yes, in April 1995 he wasand beaten by members of the Supreme Council in August of the same year the Supreme Council and the leader of the labor movement Sergei Antonchick was captured by security forces and detained for several days in the territory of the military unit. Responsibility for these actions, no one has been.

From now registered presidential candidates immunity has only Alexander Lukashenko — the acting president Republic of Belarus, in accordance with the Constitution.

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