Lukashenko did not meet with Lavrov

Paul Light, head of the press service of Alexander Lukashenko told the Russian "Kommersant" that "Alexander Lukashenko met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation are not available."

November 23, Russian Foreign Minister will hold talks with his Belarusian counterpart Sergei Martynov.

"Meeting of Sergey Lavrov with President of Belarus could not take place as the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry had clear instructions on this issue side President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, "- Interfax reported a source in the Kremlin.

The official reason for the visit Sergey Lavrov — Participation in the joint meeting of the boards of the two ministries: Belarusian and Russian. This event is traditionally held at the end of each year at a time: either in Moscow or Minsk.

With what Lavrov arrived in Minsk?

Details — later on the site of "Freedom"


Lukashenko, Lavrov

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