Mad World: Soul bail …


Unusual service appeared in Latvia — appeared on the market the company Kontora, which provides loan against … his soul.

The size of the credit is not so great — you can get from 100 to 1 thousand dollars. All that is required from the client — is to sign a contract in which it appears, that the loan is granted bail "own immaterial essence, such an immortal soul." Then you need to put a signature on the fact that the soul at the moment is not a guarantee in other transactions.

"When non-repayment or interest amount received within 90 days the collateral becomes full ownership of creditors" — is listed in the agreement. Soul can buy or barter for third parties, but on the conditions of the company. However, the mechanism of withdrawal of the soul in the document does not say anything.

The company's services have already used about 200 people.

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