Malady warned Article 193 of the Criminal Code

Minsk region prosecutor's office issued a warning to the deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Ales Kirkevich by Article 193 of the Criminal Code (participation in an unregistered organization).

Ales reported that days back to work for the mother organization of member Thomas Parish KGB officers came and forced her to write a statement against Ales.

Ales said: "They forced me to write a statement for the involvement of minors in" illegal "activities. The prosecutors wanted to take me to the obligation not to engage in a "Young Front" and supposedly does not involve young people in the illegal units. I obviously refused to sign such obligations because they do not think their activities illegal.

Harassment by the KGB and the Prosecutor's unconstitutional Article 193-1 associate with the active work of "Young Front" in Grodno, which is very concerned about the Belarusian authorities on the eve of the presidential campaign. Obviously, that Lukashenko can not rely on the support of young people, and therefore we, as before the election 2006, begin to meet with persecution under Article 1931. "

The prosecutors Ales Kirkevich wrote a statement of fact of threats and pressure from the KGB to the mother 16-year-old boy.

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