Mars photographed the green bird


The other day, the U.S. space agency NASA has prepared a high-quality panorama with the ability to study in detail the rocks of the Red Planet. Panorama, published on the website of the department, was made up of 900 images a total "weight" of 1.3 billion billion pixels.

The pictures were taken with the rover Curiosity October 5 to November 16, 2012. Rover survey conducted by the three cameras in the area Rocknest the crater Gale, where he collects samples of dust and stones.

When approaching in the photo you can see the "shiny objects" as they are signed by the panorama, "rectangle carved in stone," and even a "Martian bird in flight." "Definitely, it's weird. But it looks like a bird in flight", — reported in the caption.

And the bird is green. Parrot on Mars?

White object

Rectangle in stone

Curiosity rover landed on Mars Aug. 6, 2012. Installed on board the 10 scientific instruments designed to detailed geological and geochemical surveys, study of the atmosphere and the climate of the planet, and her search for water traces of organic substances. Tools are designed to determine whether Mars was once suitable for life, and is there a place suitable for life now.

Meanwhile, the British planetary scientists have determined that billions of years ago on the Red Planet was not less oxygen than on Earth.

Planetary scientists have studied the ancient rocks of the Martian crater Gusev collected rover Spirit. In identifying their share of the oxides, and sulfur, they concluded that their number exceeds what is contained meteorites same origin with them.

This surprised the researchers, because the meteorites formed much later than the rocks on the Red Planet. If the analyzed minerals was about 3.7 billion years ago, the meteorites — 180-1400 million years. This led planetary scientists to believe that the rocks have absorbed oxygen during contact with Mars billions of years ago.

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