Maslyakov said poor work areas on plans extinguishing

FFA in 2013, wants to achieve from regions more precise work on the preparation and execution of plans for fighting forest fires than the one that was in the current year, told reporters on Wednesday, the head of department Viktor Maslyakov.

"We saw a pretty poor job on the combined plan for fighting fires. Each region is required by law to prepare a master plan that clearly itemized capabilities and interaction algorithms organizations at certain modes fire," — he said.

Thus, according to Maslyakova, in "capabilities" are often included in plans forces MOE, which actually have to be connected to the fire suppression only when the work is done in an emergency situation, or region, utilizing only 15% of the features mentioned in plan, has requested support from the federal reserve.

"We looked carefully how well written master plans, and how they are supported by real forces, not" inflated "this information. And we have seen that there are certain topics that we need to discuss and make adjustments," — said the head of the Federal Forestry Agency, noting that the findings will be taken into account when working together in 2013.

This summer, the most difficult fire situation because of the heat wave was formed in the forests of the Siberian Federal District. To Krasnoyarsk, Transbaikalia territory, Tomsk region, Buryatia and Tuva had more than 90% of the area affected by a fire in 2012 in the district.

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