Measles epidemic in the Rostov region

21 cases of measles recorded doctors Rostov region, which reported that the infection for about 2 years did not appear in the region.

According to RIA Novosti, from mid-October to the present time in recorded 21 cases of measles, including 20 cases in children, one — a woman who worked as a dermatologist.

According to head of the health of women and children, the Ministry of Health of the Rostov region Tatiana Vygonskoy that among the 60% of cases — children up to a year and a number of children from families of high social risk. The last case was detected on November 11 in a child who came to Rostov from Chechnya without a specific diagnosis.

Determine measles in the first stage of the disease is very difficult because it is characterized by common viral symptoms, such as fever and a runny nose. During this period, the patient continues to communicate with others, went to the hospital, but he is very contagious. 'Figuratively speaking, if a patient will be on the ground floor of a 17-storey building, the air flow on the 17th floor can also get the disease, like the first, because the virus is transmitted through the air ", — T.Vygonskaya noted.

Currently, for the prevention of measles vaccination in the region.

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