Medvedev did not mention Belarus, neither the Union State

In his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made no mention of Belarus Union State.

This is the second consecutive letter of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in which he did not mention Belarus, neither of the Union State. In 2008, he even called a union state with EEC "integration core". In This year, falsely said that an important area of foreign policy, Russia remains the CIS and EurAsEC and CSTO structures that act on it. He also noted that the Customs Union is formed and creates a single economic space within the Community. At the same time tried out "modern integration schemes and the concept of effective economic cooperation." Among the countries with which "there is great potential in building an innovative component of cooperation," Medvedev also called Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Why the Russian president walked Belarus?

Kirill Koktysh

According to the analyst Kirill Koktysh, The Federal government has remained poorly implemented project.

"Union project does not prevent the fact that the trust between the Belarusian and Russian leaders lost. Build bypass Russia has oil and gas pipelines around Belarus. From quite a lot of trouble union state is not saved."

According to the Moscow political scientist Andrew Suzdaltseva, "The Russian leadership has made certain findings, and the Belarusian issue to a certain extent for Moscow is closed."

Andrew Suzdaltsev

"Right now, no prospects, economic and political, not. Clearly, Belarus to Russia is not interested. With the power in Belarus Russia does not want to. She will work with Lukashenko. When the West like to work with Lukashenko, let it work. Russia does not need the subject. On the other hand, look at the electoral program of Lukashenko. There's also no word on Russia. Probably, Belarus and Russia do not need. "

Political scientist Alexander Klaskouski also draws attention to the fact that in the election program Lukashenko does not mention anything about the integration with Russia.

Alexander Klaskouski

"In this way, both sides — the Belarusian government and the Kremlin — the de facto state that this alliance project is dead. However, this is a natural process, as the integration was initially false. Another thing is that the threat to the independence of Belarus has not ended. This danger looms. Indeed, he has plenty of new projects, as zatsuglyats Belarus. Type Single Economic Space. Secondly, Russia is an energy weapon. So Moscow began to talk less, but that does not mean that it threw its expansionist plans for Belarus ".

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