Medvedev: I'm all about Lukashenka said

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said on Twitter Belarusians, who inquired about the attitude of the Russian leader to President of Belarus and the Belarusian elections.

"We, Belarusians, very interesting this issue"- Wrote a user dashystik.

As the Interfax, the answer is in the microblogging Medvedev in the "Twitter" appeared on Thursday night.

"It elections'm most respectfully," — wrote the president of the Russian Federation.

The Attitude to Lukashenko Medvedev refused to talk, citing his earlier remarks: "As to your president, I've already said everything." The head of Russia put the link to his video blog entry from October 3 on relations with Belarus.

D. Medvedev said at a blog that "President Lukashenko in his statements went far beyond not only diplomatic protocol but also basic human decency" and that "this behavior is dishonest, the partners do not behave, and, of course, we we will take this into account when building relationships with current President of Belarus . "


Lukashenko, Medvedev

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