MEP hopes that the amendments to the Criminal Code of the Animals will be in 2013

In Russia in 2013 may be criminalized production, trafficking and transportation of animals listed in the Red Book, and their derivatives, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Rinat Gizatulin.

Earlier, during the meeting on the conservation of the Amur tiger, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov proposed to criminalize the production, trafficking and transportation of animals listed in the Red Book.

"The head of the presidential administration, it was decided to develop a bill, which essentially boils down to this: there will be criminalized all stages of handling the Red animals such as tiger, leopard, snow leopard (ounce), on stage as illegal mining and turnover, sales, storage and transportation, "- said Gizatulin reporters after the meeting, which was held at the head of the presidential administration.

Deputy Minister mentioned that the wording of the law text MEP finalize together with colleagues from other federal agencies.

"Ministry of Russia expects that next year the relevant amendments to the Criminal Code will be adopted, which will preserve and increase the population of animals in the Red Book of Russia", — said Gizatulin.

"If the bill is supported by colleagues from other federal executive authorities, we hope that in the fall session it will be submitted to the Duma. Rather, the bill will be introduced as the president," — said Gizatulin.

Reserve for Tiger

As previously reported, the head of the Kremlin administration noted that the appropriate changes in the law should have been made long ago, following the adoption in 2010 of a national program for the conservation of the Amur tiger. This program was adopted immediately after the same in 2010 in St. Petersburg was "tiger summit" (International Forum on Tiger Conservation.) In addition to Russia, to its own national program committed to a further 12 countries in which live tigers. The forum participants to put in 12 years to double the number of tigers in the wild.

One of the obligations assumed by Russia, was the creation in Primorye Reserve "Sredneussuriysky" which was to provide a corridor for the seasonal migration of the Amur tiger in China. However, the process of its creation was delayed.

According to the governor of Primorsky Krai Miklushevsky Vladimir, one of the problems faced by the government in creating the reserve, was the fact that a number of areas that were to join it — 73 hectares — owned JSC "Les Export".

Earlier land reserve "Sredneussuriysky" became the center of public attention in connection with the plans of company "Les Export" on commercial felling in the area.

According to the governor, the problem was resolved.

"I have signed a decree on October 18 on the establishment of the reserve Sredneussuriysky. Addition, on 19 October, we have concluded with" Les Export ", the company that operates the forest areas, an agreement by which it is from the disputed areas is ready to give up," — said the governor.

According to him, in respect of "Les Export" is likely to be offered some other areas.

In addition, at a meeting with Ivanov discussed the establishment of a nature reserve Primorye federal "bikini".

As the head of the administration, this reserve should be created similar to the already existing national park "Land of Leopard".

Creating Sanctuary "bikini" in accordance with the concept of development of the system of protected areas in the federal 2020. Bikin River basin is one of the key habitats of tigers.

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