Mercurys surface on all sides. Video


Scientists have not abandoned their attempts and hopes one day to discover a new exoplanet with the possibility of extra-terrestrial origin of her life. But the irony is that for humanity are still some dark aspects of the planetary bodies in our own solar system.

But one such mystery recently been completely solved — for the first time scientists have been able to fully describe in great detail the surface of our neighbor to the Earth — Mercury.

Space agency NASA video posted on the Web, assembled from a plurality of images photographed "instant messengers" of the American automatic interplanetary station (AWS) for the study of Mercury, which was launched in 2004. To collect all the necessary data the machine took two years.

Explaining the importance of the work done and got pictures, Brett Deneuve of the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University said:

"This is a great achievement for us — a long time, one half of the planet has always remained a mystery to us, but because of the" instant messengers "We have received a complete description of Mercury, which will help us to better understand the overall process applied to the planet as a result of its formation and development."

I'm sure many of you, watching video, notice the unusual blue "color" of the planet. But do not jump to conclusions: a NASA image imposed on a special filter that will see the topography of the planet in almost every detail.

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