MES: fires this summer in Moscow was 9 times less than the previous

The number of wildfires in the Moscow region this summer declined compared to last year, about nine times, told reporters on Thursday the head of the regional GUMCHS Igor Panin.

"There is a positive trend in all directions. If we take the natural fires, but this year there were 57 fires, and in the past — 452" — said Panin.

He stressed that the conclusions were drawn from the "bitter experience of 2010", organized by the close cooperation in emergency management system "with all his colleagues, especially foresters." Every day this year, seven aircraft conducting reconnaissance forests.

Heat wave and drought, which were established in the European part of Russia in the summer of 2010, led to a strong natural fires. In Moscow regime was introduced emergency, fire injuring five settlements, 11 people were killed and another 400 injured.

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