Metal ax found 20 million years



Romania. 2 km from the town of Ayuda. In a sand quarry on the banks of the river Murushev at a depth of 10 m, workers found some strange items. Two findings identified bone fragments. Another object of a type and weight like a stone ax.


Staff of the Archaeological Museum determined that the bones — this is part of the limbs and molars mastodon, an ancestor of the modern elephant. These powerful animals lived on our planet 20 million years ago.

The third thing was really like an ax, but not stone, and metal. Length slightly greater than 20 cm, with two holes of different diameters at right angles to each other. Deformation more of them indicates that in this hole a pin fastened. The top and side surfaces are covered with traces of heavy blows.

Prospective hatchet is clearly not suited for use as a primitive tools. Perhaps the object was part of a specialized machine? But what kind of metal unit could be a contemporary of the mastodons?



Spectral analysis showed that the ancient part of the complex is made of a metal alloy twelve elements and contains 89% aluminum. The metal found in nature in the form of compounds. Select it possible at temperatures below 950 ^ (o) S. Besides aluminum was discovered only in 1825

None of the experts archaeologists, paleontologists, engineers could not identify or establish similarities Ayudskogo facility with modern machinery and parts. Aeronautical engineers hypothesized that the ax is similar to a small-sized landing gear of the aircraft, which could make a soft landing on the surface of the earth.

Evidence: a form of two openings — the attachment point for the supports, scratch marks from the bottom and around the edges, and the material — lightweight aluminum, which today is used in aviation and space technologies. Is an accidental find in a sand quarry in Romania — a fragment of an alien spaceship?

Over the years, scientists have learned about this thing is nothing new. Accurately determine the age of a metal product failed. Absolutely no one knows who did molten aluminum in prehistoric times, and made him the subject. It is absolutely unclear why he served. If scientists ever find a reasonable explanation? Perhaps the origin of the object Ayudskogo forever remain a mystery

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