Milinkevich switch in the hands Zimouski, Yarmoshina and Lukashenko

Rights activists say the ban on the performance of the leader of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich instead presidential candidate Grigory Kastusiou on the First Channel of the Belarusian TV does not meet the electoral law.

His second appearance on TV, which will be held on December 1 in the 19 hours, the presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou wants to give his trustee Milinkevich. Kastusyou explained his decision:

Gregory Kastusyou

Nikolai Lozovik


Vladimir Labkovich

"This is a common, joint decision. I believe that Milinkevich — is the most well-known opposition figure. Most unwound. And that Milinkevich will agitate for me, plus I will add, my team, the BPF, my image and reputation in the our country. We have the same approach. "

However, in an interview with "Freedom" Nikolai Lozovik said that under the law of a candidate may cancel the performance, but instead, one can not speak, even the attorney:

"Appearances on television and radio can only do the candidates. In the debate can participate instead of the candidate trustee. "

Gregory Kastusyou said that he would demand an explanation from the CEC. On Milinkevich, only candidate Grigory Kastusyou offered him the opportunity to speak:

"I am grateful to Gregory Kastusyou who gives half of his time to speak to me. This shows that we have a sense kamandnastsi. It is very important to use these features. I really wanted to speak. I would say about the situation, about the possibility that Belarus needs to be done in the near future. But all the same I will pursue this right. But I understand that all the same switch in the hands Zimouski, Yarmoshina and Lukashenko. "

According to human rights Vladimir Labkovich, CEC treatment aimed at restricting the rights and legitimate interests of the candidates:

"If the question of what the candidate does not have the right to transfer their airtime to another candidate, then it is certainly a fair rate. It aims not to create artificial in Belarus, technical candidates. That they can not by such manipulations to artificially increase the air time to other candidates. In a situation where prohibiting the name of the candidate to speak to its agent, this is definitely a violation of Article 75 of the Electoral Code, which specifies that the trustee — a person who is campaigning for the election of the candidate. "


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