Minsk city executive committee banned the spiritual procession in the center of Minsk

Minsk city executive committee banned the spiritual procession of the feast of Corpus Independence Avenue in Minsk, which will take place on May 29.

The Catholic Church in Belarus holds prayer procession every year on the route — the Church of the Most Holy Trinity (St. Roch) on the golden hill on the sidewalk along Independence Avenue to the Red Church.

In This year, Minsk City Council changed the route without the consent of the authorities and the churchyard without explanation. The procession has to pass on the sidewalks of streets Kozlov Byadulya, May Day, Ulyanovsk and Sverdlov.

Thus, procession of many thousands of Catholics has to move through the less crowded and narrow streets, where renovations are taking place, which complicates the safety of large numbers of people.

Moreover, in This year, Minsk City Council allows only one stop to read Evangelllya procession, at the time, as every year, there were four.

On this occasion, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev Kondrusiewicz said the Internet site catholic.by:

"Weird decision of the city authorities — it is disrespectful to believers who are citizens of their country and its capital city residents who work for the benefit of society. Such a decision is not conducive to the consolidation of our society."

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