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November 20 in Minsk will host the event, which is in the state media paid much more attention than even the presidential election. For the first time Belarus has been a children's contest "Eurovision", but quite a stir around the celebration nedetskiy. Today, the complex "Minsk-Arena" will be one of the two open rehearsals, which you can get a ticket, and tomorrow night in the final presentation of the platform will be released young artists from 14 European countries. Concert hall and visited Alexander Lukashenko.

On the main competition to get the audience is no longer possible, but see almost the same show, only without grading audience jury, you can tonight and tomorrow in the morning. Tickets for both the rehearsal is not sold out, the cost — up to 90 thousand rubles, depending on the distance from the scene. For comparison, the final tickets are more expensive — up to 150 thousand rubles.

The bidding started back evratyden November 15, when in Minsk began zyazhzhatstsa contestants from 14 countries — Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden. Take teenagers in an adult: a four-star hotel "Minsk", equipped with the dressing room, "Minsk-Arena", a broad cultural program and numerous excursions.

It is clear that the hype around the children's contest warmed adults. During the year, almost every day on Belarusian television appeared detailed reports on the preparations for the celebration. The importance of music forum today and notedAlexander Lukashenko, who visited the "Minsk-Arena": got up on stage and talked to the participants of the contest, asked how the rehearsal. And concluded: it is not just an ordinary competition — this event is living the whole country.

Or justified such zvyshuvaga for the event, which is a biography of only 2003 and is much inferior to the scale of the older clone? At least in the adult "Eurovision" participate are representatives of over 40 countries. The opinion expressed music critic Vytautas Martinenko:

"I do not look at it from the position that are worn like to write with his bag. This is normal: a century in which Belarus is a massive competition, and in fact — for the first time.

Belarusian spirit was not there and never felt.

However, talking about what we supposedly better than the whole of Europe, of course, smeshnavata look. But in principle, the problem is different: the festival has never been a celebration of the spirit of the Belarusian. Belarusian spirit was not there and never felt. Someone once sang Belarusian song, but it no one sang, the people had not taken. Here are the Ukrainians arrived — is another matter. A gut feeling that it was the Ukrainians arrived. After all, people are thinking about their own state. "

The card of the event will be the winner of last year's adult "Eurovision" Alexander Rybak, which has already arrived in Minsk to strengthen its presence music forum. Alexander, born in Belarus, the last 20 years living in Norway. European glory after the triumph of the song "Fairytale" especially not dropped, but the post-Fisherman cognitive almost everywhere. He did not hide the fact that in the definition of their identity hovered somewhere in the middle:

"Because it's a kids' show, in other words, a holiday for the whole family, especially for this I have prepared a very bright song from my new album. It is fully in line with the theme of the competition, because it focuses on Europe. I sing like a girl, but in reality it is about our Europe. The fact that I always come back to it. But generally very nice to come back to Russia, to their homeland. "

Belarus will be represented by 13-year-old Daniel Kozlov Jabinka from a small town in the Brest region. On stage, he will twelfth.

Daniel with his parents for a month moved to the capital in order to properly prepare for, perhaps, the main competition in my life. In the final, the boy sang "Music of Light", which contains music from the legendary debt works of Ludwig Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."

Competitive Number of Belarus, which in recent years has become a common phenomenon, will sound in Russian. And this despite the fact that in the arsenal Danila Kozlov and Belarusian-language repertoire:

"How much in my life I've seen different countries
Only native land Belarus for me alone.
For him, give my life if need be.
Just see his native area, there is always a blue sky … "

European bukmekery much hope Belarusian party and its supporters do not leave. Among the favorites — contestant from Sweden, the 13-year-old Josephine Rydell with the song "All I want to do." According to the forecaster, the three leaders will also include 15-year-old Latvian girl Charlotte Lenmane and belgiyki Jill and Lauren, that too at 15. Quite a few Belarusians Kozlov and the "short-list", according to the sounded sympathy European journalists accredited to the competition. Their ranking is as follows: Georgia, Malta, the Netherlands.

It is worth recalling that after last year's mood when victory was almost in advance given to the scandalous "Magic Rabbit" Yura Demidovich, this time the headquarters of the Belarusian in their plans much more restrained. Like, the main thing to organize the contest at a level to put in place some of the skeptics.

As for the triumphant victors of children's competitions, Belarus is still among the undisputed leaders. In 2005, the first place was Ksenia Sitnik, the second was a year later Andrew Kunets, and 2007, excelled Alexei Zhigalkovich. In 2004, when Belarus made its debut at the "Eurovision", Olga Satsiuk not enough to literally step "bronze" — she finished fourth.

Meanwhile Critic Vytautas Martinenko says that more short-term plans in Belarus do not think — no one of the winners in time and did not become a recognizable actor even at home:

"I'll try not to look, because I always look at it and rascharovvayusya. With the same Sytnyk worn so far as to write with his bag, but no progress. The interesting thing is: all the stars of one song parodies themselves. All these Russian ditties like "oohs-aahs" do not lead to good. She once failed, and it was sincere. But when she started in the 25 th time in the 25 th song the same element scroll, I realized, and the nurse came up with one and the same element deeper and deeper. As they say, a masterpiece of the world of show business. And now: talented guy sings, but the Lord God gave a brilliant song. It is difficult, but somehow not rushing. At least I think so. "

The organizers of children's "Eurovision" do not reveal trade secrets of the upcoming event, but experts believe that the event could be the most expensive in the short history of children's contests. In this regard, experts believe that the speculative attitude of the state to the competition of children's song does not correspond to the scale of the event — the on
ly scene called "Wings of the rainbow," the organizers of the cost of half a million dollars.


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