MNS workers: While working — not on strike, but we'll see …

Alexander Lukashenko said that the leadership of the country, despite the economic difficulties will not go to mass privatization of state property. What is the economic situation, working conditions and wages for workers in state enterprises?

Now I stand at the central entrance of the Minsk Bearing Plant, which provides all the accessories machine-building enterprises of the country. I say to people:

Reporter"How long have you worked in a factory?".

Working"Long time. Since 1987. "

Reporter"In what shop? '.

Working"Forging — inspires packaging bearing."

Reporter"Enough work to make good money?".

Working"Oh, that's working — missing".

Reporter"And the salary? Satisfies you? . "

Working"Of course not! Whom he will hold? No one, he would not meet. Very small. And at this time is not to be missed — look how everything is growing. "

Reporter"And the salary? '.

Working"And as wages were and are — does not suit anyone."

Reporter"Then why are you here suffer? '.

Working"But where shall I go now? I do not know how to do but turn the iron, and all. "

Reporter"Arrange working conditions, or mechanized work? '.

Another worker"Not really, but you can work with."

Reporter"A paycheck — whether I would like to meet more? '.

Another worker"Of course, more would like to. Not much compared to the money that was some time ago — the prices are very high. "

Reporter"Staff turnover is, people change?".

Another worker"In-oh-oh-oh! Especially in our shop … Youth go without delay. Low wages — go and everything. Most of the workers — the old school, and they are working. And young people are not delayed. "

Come those who drove from somewhere or rights taken away, forced to work or child support — no normal here goes.

Another worker"I work at the plant in '42 in one shop — large bearing releases. And I've earned? If you get a million and a half — it's very big. Young — no one wants to work for the money. Here, as arranged, they promise two — two and a half million. And how to get one and a half, they say: we need a loan to pay — and go. And come to those who drove from somewhere or rights taken away, forced to work or child support — no normal here goes. The equipment can be worn by 80-90%, in the winter there is damp and cold. I worked all his life in the factory, but have never seen — in the shop was from zero to two degrees, the emulsion pazamyarzala did not work for several days. And frosts and such was not too big. But then Lukashenko was, he knows everything. He waved his hand — says whoever buys such a plant? I like it and so does not take over. "

At the entrance of the Minsk Bearing Plant in the vast majority of people I meet middle-aged and elderly. But there are also young.

Reporter"It has long have you been working at the factory? Happy? . "

Youth"For nine years, is now head of the shift. The plan still high, now raise salaries by 10%. Dollar we officially gained much — it seems that 80%, and the unofficial, specifically at 180%, and we pay a 10% raise. Allegedly promised to later re-raise, but how it will be — who knows. After all, the plant itself much debt over the last few years. When there was a crisis, the banks took out loans to pay our salaries. So now the debts of the enterprise, and that we will raise salaries by 50% at least — it is very doubtful. Perhaps that is 10-20%, but due to the prices, of course … But while working, not on strike, but we'll see. "

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