Modern home design

The design of modern livingModern home, including and home for military personnel based on the principle of not just the presence of the walls, floor and ceiling, and often with the application design decisions. Now design studios implement design project Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. Development of design projects for modern, high-quality housing helps to solve several problems at once.

Make out, which also allows you to achieve the introduction of design projects from the capital's design studios.

In 1-x, a design decision allows to realize the reality of the boldest idea that you yourself have not previously been able to embody. The designer will help you to find a good solution, in which your apartment become the prototype of the modern style.

In-2, design projects can make towards a certain theme in your home, which will be devoted to a particular stylistic direction. Many modern home owners are going to ensure that use topic ancient noble houses. To do this, the designer can use wood carved staircase, colonnades, arches, vases for flowers. Such a style can be quite suitable for your suburban home, unless, of course, money allows you to implement such project full scale. Very popular now enjoys topic supermodernizma when the room of your apartment converted into the truest gallakticheskogo ship compartments, and windows receive the most extravagant forms. Naturally, the need for such apartments and furniture befitting pick. Ordinary cabinets and furniture wall here obviously will not fit. Designers posodeystvuyut for you and with the selection of suitable furniture accessories.

B-3, the projects of contemporary designers posodeystvuyut for you to transform the geometry of space to pass some additional promises and solve the problem with superfluous or lacking in volume or in any other place. Using modern designs, you can get that variant of interior that will change your flat in the best possible way just beyond recognition.

V-4, modern design for the home will help you to realize your own ideas about comfort and convenience.

Use the services of designers premises in Moscow and sweetens the end result of the work.

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