Modern party of former Tusavshchyny

In the XIX century on the site of the modern village of the same name and a major railway station Energetic was a small country estate graphs Czapski. Preserved from those times even two built barracks type yes canteen Panskih mercenaries. Then the village was called as Tusavshchyna. Who would have thought that the name of a modern type of manifest or not prescient! 2.5 thousand residents of wages, standard of living, political views now they are divided on exactly clan "party."

Actually settlement emerged in the second half of the 60s of last century, when on the basis of the former MTS organized the production and repair facilities — known as "DAG" — now of "Zahadelektrasetbud." Hundreds of workers here consider themselves the local elite — are sitting, they say, on the "golden day". Not that the local farmers from the same SEC "Kryon-agro 'or workers' nyahlebnaga" bakery. At least in my response to question 28-year-old, but with a commanding view of and confidence in the future career site foreman metalakanstruktsyyav Maxim Markov and said:

Reporter"Orders will take you regardless of the policy?"

Markov"Of course! All electricity, heat needed — you do eat constantly. The pay is and the average energy differs by nearly a million. On average, the team of three hundred million man came to us at 900 000, and 500 on the farm received no weekends and holidays. Asked to go back to the farm — said never in his life … "

Piatkevich"Our base is normal — salaries 900,000, the working day is not like a milkmaid — 8:00, 13th quarterly goes, paid vacation …"

This is the 40-year-old worker Vladimir Piatkevich, sitting in his own "nine", expressed the fact that the GOK would seem to say each.

Reporter"A vote for who will?"

Piatkevich"We have to Lukashenko, everything is normal. I know that tomorrow will be a job, my children are free to learn — I can not imagine that for the money, as in Russia, three of them children. I know it has flaws, but not the same everywhere you can do … "

I talk to the deputy director of PPH, Mr. Nicholas Semenkevich.

Semenkevich"We — forming enterprise. PRK all the buildings, the Palace of Culture did. We produce energy for the entire metalakanstruktsyi Belarus. Made this year to more than a thousand tons of Kaliningrad. Plant for the year 2.5 thousand issues. In the future, we construct a plant to form, a line for the manufacture of bearings … "

Reporter"What kind of" social programs "warrant their employees?"

Semenkevich"In the energy sector the most prestigious place to work. For each we have identified through the store on 300 000 and potatoes with vegetables. The average salary — three hundred million in the Dzerzhinsk region on the 3rd place going. This year, for the construction of houses for our people gave more than 200 million — who works as a … "

Why do we have such monopolies as MAZ, BelAZ? Sold 50% of the shares, and may have a normal private owner has to pay taxes.

"Young Wolves" like Maxim said Markov is ready to go further on "their" way of the market.

Markov"Why do we have such monopolies as MAZ, BelAZ? Sold 50% of the shares, and may have a normal private owner has to pay taxes. And those same people will work — only in good conditions. 've Seen in Minsk work jointly with Russian private businesses — shops are heated, no hard work — all in walking shorts. We all come to the market in Belarus, is not it? "

Nice feel in the energy sector and "vertikalschik" are, for example, as a leading expert soviet Lyudmila Pulyak.

Pulyak"10 years of living. Previously, she worked at the plant bakeries — 300000. We plan to stay in power, the apartment building. We took a soft loan at 1% — the settlement relates to the countryside. Three-room apartment is already rented in the village of 100-apartment building … "

But across the street, where a small bazaar begins obviously another life. People near the kiosk 45-year-old Galina from Ukraine is clearly not enough.

Galya"People here are very few walks. We see no money. And the prices are reasonable, warm pants for men — over 20,000 … "

Reporter"And what are driving in the energy, it is not practical?"

Galya"If there is nothing, then eat a little bit. (Laughs) Got used to travel around 10 years old … "

Around, however, seething political passions in the literal sense, in different voices. The Blessed Michael entertained the audience familiar voice:

Michael(Lukashenko voice) "What, on the phone can not sort out the potatoes? … Just grabbed the egg — milk was gone! … As Parliament peratrahivav and will … "(laughter)

An elderly man with a weathered face red and his wife almost got into a fight:

Lord"I made a free heart surgery for a disabled child in Russia is worth a lot. I was given a three-room apartment, which is paid for the loan only 30,000 per month. All will vote as one man — can not find a better … "

Only 24-year-old Vitali, a recent student BATU, which fulfills the first year in power in the local forestry engineer, told me:

Vitali"They put a 2-year 500 000. During the six months salary has increased by 27,000. How young to start a family for the money? Accommodation I did it myself — the board gave forestry, and I myself have made the floor, clapboard overlaid. What are the prospects — spivatstsa? I do not like it here … "


On the outskirts of the fair for me was watching pazhaly man in khaki quilted jacket. I went over.

Stelmach"If something against Lukashenko, you write …"

Reporter"No, just from where will …"

Soon, however, retired, Mr. Victor Stelmach open up.

Stelmach"Our people have a strong sense of a slave. Remember, for all of its conference call shaking? And what are they writing? (Laughs) I do not like that word with deeds — says one thing and do another … "

Mr. Stelmach is critical of and to the psychology, attitudes of his fellow villagers.

Stelmach"Given the water — they aplyadiruyuts. 50% of ticket privileges removed — all are silent. And the main thing — that lived somewhere worse. And to our many do not — cup and bacon. We are easy to manage … "

Reporter"But who do you will vote for?"

Stelmach"And I do not go to the polls — all sensible people understand who will be president. I think that only Russia can put a cross on it — let's say they do not recognize the elections and just do not want to have anything to do with it … "

And this meeting, I was waiting with great enthusiasm, and for another reason.

Reporter"My name is Vitaly Semashko and you Elena
Stepanivna Semashko …"

Semashko"Oh, my God! Yes, very good … "

I'm in my apartment, I may say, namesake — 82-year-old Ms. Semashko. She is an honorary citizen of the Dzerzhinsky District, honored teacher of Belarus, a former deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR the Khrushchev thaw. Woman physically bent the years, but the position is holding steady. She thinks a lot about who should be the person who will take the highest office:

Semashko"I think that for such a position should be someone smart, intelligent, educated, loves his family. And the fact that — one wife knows where, from the second has a child carries around everywhere misery for themselves, as a kind of dog. I was very impressed how a woman! It is for the President to anything. And for his father. I do not respect him, his speech did not perceive when the camera says the word illiterate, which should not sound out of the mouth of the president. I do not like what fell out with Russia. At press conferences screams all wrong. And he's right … "

Reporter"And you go to vote in December?"

Semashko"For it is certainly not going to vote …"

Neighbor Helen, also retired, Mr. Vladimir Kovalevsky accustomed to think in public since the 90s, when the Belorussian SSR became a RB.

Reporter"As far as the worst and how life is changing for the better in the energy sector?"

Kovalevsky"To the best do not get it. Well, we have a family of three senior citizens — a mother for 100 years, the wife 80. We have to get three million. And as a retiree to pay the rent, utilities? And what is the food? Prices are rising, and pensions are added miserably. In Russia more than we do. In keeping farm cow, pig, but little by little. In front of the store with 5 thousand is nothing to do. Who should be? Only the power! The president does not keep his word. Year 6 spoke of two terms. Now waiting for Kohl's son gets older. Lumen is not visible! His remarks — "lousy fleas" Hitler as an example. And the same people disappear! "

When the conversation was attended by senior Dyarzhynshchyne deputy opposition leader, a member of BSDG-NG, Mr Vladimir Tinsel.

Reporter"And that in a particular power should change?"

Tinsel"Chairman of the soviet Skarabahatau ours as intended — a little Lukashenko. In the early 90's the chairman of the executive committee elected village council. Now chairman of the executive committee. If the village council does not agree with him, blossoms! It is necessary to station abezzhalezvannya bring to mind, as dirty water. Second, the settlement of the ever-mail address in the mud. With asphalt leave — there is a quagmire. Third, a lot of waste — covered with even step outside the shop "Trifles".

On the desk of Mr. Kovalevsky, a gray-haired gentleman with a solid shining in the eyes of passion — the white-red-white flag. I can not but ask:

Reporter"How important is it to you that in the house — a white-red-white flag?"

Kovalevsky"This is our oldest. And under that flag clever Belarusians defended our independence. That's why he is dear to me … "

Reporter"You still have not decided who to vote for?"

Kovalevsky"Naturally, for someone from the opposition. Life will improve only if at Energy, as the power changes. It's all waiting for this … "

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