MOE Dagestan warns of possible flooding of more than 100 villages

MOE Dagestan warns of possible flooding of more than 100 settlements, home to about 86,000 people in the two areas of the country due to the expected afternoon rain showers, the regional Emergencies Ministry said.

"In the second half of the day June 19 the water flow in the downstream hydroelectric Kargaly expected within critical phenomena, and therefore the possible flooding Babayurt and Kizlyar district," — said in an emergency warning, issued by the Office.

Kargalinskiy consists of two hydroelectric dams located on the River Terek. As explained to RIA Novosti on MES Dagestan, the water flow in the downstream, ie on the section of the river downstream from the dam hydroelectric until is 700 cubic meters per second, while the marginal rate — 1,200 cubic meters.

"In the area of possible flooding there are about 105 different settlements with a population of about 86,000 people. Currently, a full assessment of the situation and possible scenarios left in place a commission," — said the official, adding that the recent flooding of the terrain in these areas was in 2002.

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