Monitoring BAJ: Elections remain marginal

The Belarusian Association of Journalists has reported the second stage of monitoring Belarusian electronic and print media in the coverage of presidential elections in Belarus.

The monitoring covers the period of the election campaign, when authenticates signatures for potential candidates, as well as registration presidential candidates.

The main findings of the media monitoring:

In the state of electronic and print media theme of the presidential election remained marginal, despite the fact that some media have increased their attention to it.

The overall picture coverage of the campaign was also not significantly changed. Its main actors were the incumbent president, nepersanifikavany subject of "power", the CEC and the territorial commissions, whose activity was evaluated positively.

The state media continued to ignore other potential presidential candidates. A minimal attention to them was caused by the registration procedure. (…) The positive positioning of the current president, it is clearly a dominant position in the state media — part of an overall strategy of covering the election process. And its flip side — the marginalization All remaining applicants, the faces and names of which were unknown to the audience the state media.

State-run media (…) covered the electoral process, clearly ignoring the principles of journalistic ethics and internationally recognized standards.

On the pages of the independent press have been seen almost all of the potential candidates. A picture of the electoral process included a much larger variety of subjects compared to state media.

In the non-state newspapers are not identified cases perakruchvannya, misrepresentation or biased reporting.

Ales Antipenko of monitoring results


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