Monthly rainfall exceeded in Izhevsk for the past day

Record rainfall recorded forecasters Udmurt meteorologist in Izhevsk, where one day 89 millimeters of rain fell, with monthly average of 62 millimeters, reported Wednesday on its website.

"Yesterday, in the Republic of Udmurtia Izhevsk and rains associated with the release of the southern cyclone. Izhevsk has dropped 89 millimeters, which is more than the monthly rate of 62 millimeters. Also beaten daily rainfall record, which was observed at the weather station in Izhevsk in 2000 and by 71 millimeter. Damages turns ", — stated in the Udmurt meteorologist.

The press service of the Main Department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of Udmurtia RIA Novosti correspondent said that there were no serious accidents involving large amount of rain in Izhevsk and the republic has not happened.

Rain, which began on June 19 in Izhevsk, about 13.00 MSK. walked most of the day and stopped in the morning on June 20. Now the city is thick fog.

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