More than 90% of the Ulyanovsk natural objects have no formal boundaries

 The Prosecutor's Office of the Ulyanovsk region revealed violations in the sphere of protection of protected areas, in particular, more than 90% of them have no formal boundaries.

"Officials have not yet determined the boundary 134 of the 142 such objects are not conducted surveying land they occupied with cadastral registration, registered ownership of the Ulyanovsk region," — said the regional prosecutor's office.

In addition, the prosecution established that the territory of protected natural areas of regional significance are not marked with warning and information signs, which often contributes to the fact that the land used for other purposes or occupy them outsiders.

For example, in the buffer zone of the monument of nature "colony of gray herons," the construction of two residential buildings within the boundaries of the object "White Lake" privateers illegally fenced forest area, in "Duck Lake" are numerous landfills.

Prosecutors also revealed facts include officials in the relevant regional inventories of natural objects of false information.

"Obviously, the poor organization of the officials created the conditions for violations of the use and protection of natural sites in need of special protection of the state," — the prosecutor's office.

Therefore, the prosecutor's office of the Ulyanovsk region has made the deputy chairman of the regional government representation, demanding immediate remedy the identified test violations and to bring to justice all those responsible officials of the Ministry of Forestry, Environment and Ecology region.

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