More than three tons of fish died in the river Tyutnyar

The present ecological disaster occurred in the reservoir on the river near the village of Lower Tyutnyar Ablyazov Penzinskoy area.

First sounded the alarm head peasant farming Irina Koshkarova. Everything is written in detail what he saw in a statement addressed to the head of the administration of the Kuznetsk district Valery Kostin. Commission of Inquiry into the death of living aquatic resources, created in hot pursuit, confirmed the death of the fish.

Victims of someone else's negligence or malice are commercial species: silver carp (319 copies., Medium weight — 5.5 kg), carp (610 copies., Average linkage to 1.5 kg), grass carp (83 copies., 3 kg each) and catfish (14 copies., 7.5 kg each).

And the Commission has estimated only the fish, which the wind had washed ashore. How it dragged the birds and animals as drowning due to rupture the swim bladder — is unknown. By the way, due to a faulty flood spillway dam was almost full, as experts say, it worked. Area of the water surface is not more than 10% of normal.

Members of the commission examined the possible sources of contamination. A rural production cooperative "Giant-1", a workshop for slaughtering a private firm and annenkovsky distillery. It was found that the concrete bardohranilische distillery was completely emptied.

Remains of Barden (somewhere in tonnes) committee found on the river bank Tyutnyar. The bulk of the coastal protection zone in the area of wastewater discharge was covered with earth.

To finally clarify the picture of what happened, the Commission selected for laboratory analysis of six samples of water and demanded an explanation witnesses emergency.

Today into the death of the fish have made a decision to initiate an administrative case. Information about the incident and the status of investigations into the causes PE directed to the regional prosecutor's office. We will follow the development of events.

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