Mosquitoes spread the deadly fever


In the Volgograd region as of August 20 reported 85 cases of West Nile fever, two of them — lethal. It is reported by regional management Epidemiology.

Cases of infection identified in Gorodishche, Sredneakhtubinsky, Michael regions in the Volga and predominantly in the cottages in the suburbs of Volgograd. In 26 cases, the victims noticed mosquito bites on a residence in the private sector Dzerzhinsky Traktorozavodskogo, Soviet, Voroshilov, Krasnooktyabrskiy, Red Army, the Kirov district of Volgograd. Patients receiving medical care.

One of the factors enhancing the natural focus is to establish a high fever, the mean daily temperature, leading to accelerated breeding of mosquitoes, highlights the agency.

First West Nile fever in the Volgograd region was incorporated in 1999, the "Interfax". Then hit more than 300 people, of whom 30 died. In the 13 years since the activation of the natural focus of the disease in the Volgograd region registered a case of the disease in 1001, of which 52 ended in death. The largest number of patients registered in Volgograd — 724 cases and Volga — 165 cases.

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