Moustache took a break, Statkevich repeated in Belarusian

Statement by Dmitry Uss not sounded on the radio today, Statkevich outline of his repeated television appearance in Belarusian, telling the same anecdote that Gregory Kastusyou.

It's hard to say, Dmitri Uss all decided to go the distance, or he just did not use his right to speak on the radio. After all, what he read out on television, did not call the performance of the candidate for the presidency. An applicant for a senior position has yet to be a public politician. And Dmitry Uss it does not work. If you look at his declaration of income, assets — it is clear that he is a successful businessman, but this is not enough to become a candidate. So whether it will continue to participate in the election campaign or not — it does not affect her gait.

If we compare the performances of Nikolai Statkevich on TV 2 days ago and today on the radio — they are almost identical, with one exception.

Today Statkevich fully uttered in Belarusian, and spoke on television Russian language with a small inset in Belarusian. And today were 2 new things: that he announced his intention to talk about corruption in the next speech, and also told the same anecdote that Gregory Kastusyou yesterday on television: that people want to live in Belarus — but not in that they know, and the one which is shown by TDB.

Some analysts say that, well, in the speeches Statkevich small part is devoted to the constructive program, but I think it is an unfair criticism. The candidate Nikolai Statkevich — and this is clearly evident in both speeches — put another problem: he wanted to speak to the critical words are not "advanced" of the public, and for those people, that the official television and radio for 5 years never heard anything like it. And cause them a kind of shock. And, from my perspective, is right: the one who has heard Statkevich, is sure to be talking about it: with relatives, neighbors, at work … And it is very important — perhaps even more important kanstruktyvnasts program.

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