Mudslide damaged road in the Dagestani village

Mudslide washed away part of the road in the Dagestani village Gimry, also destroyed power lines and water pipes, told RIA Novosti the main emergency department in Dagestan Russia.

"At 14.51 on Monday to the headquarters of Russian Emergencies Ministry in the republic of Dagestan has been informed that the torrential rains today, the village came Gimry mudslide that washed away part of the road of national importance" Buinaksk-Gimry "length of three kilometers, two injured plumbing lines and pylons. Near the accident has bypass and additional water line that feeds water village "- a spokesman said.

According to him, in an accident with no light left 40-50 households, missing 19 head of cattle and 58 head of cattle.

"Victims and victims. Damages on socially important facilities not. Total elimination of the accident involved 53 people and 19 pieces of equipment, including the MOE — two men, one piece of equipment," — said the official.

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