Mysterious hronomirazhi

October 2, 2012 1:52

This summer, a team of researchers from the Perm region will go to seek hronomirazhi Kishertsky area and phantom village, which occasionally occurs in the middle of the forest.



How to tell the station ufology RUFORS, to verify this information, they will study old maps to identify whether the area historical settlements. The researchers will use the experience of American colleagues have developed certain techniques and methods for the detection of phantoms, including the anomaly and electromagnetic field.

According to the head RUFORS Nikolai Subbotin, particularly in those places where it is planned to conduct studies hronomirazhi and phantom village was fixed a few years ago. However, a systematic study of the topic so far nobody has. Therefore, the study of this area is enough interest.

It should be noted that the images are visible hronomirazhi phenomena and events that actually are from the observation point at a considerable distance, or even have happened in the past. People watched them in ancient times, as evidenced by numerous legends. In particular, the ancient Egyptians believed hronomirazh ghost country that no longer exists.

Convincing explanation for this phenomenon yet. Modern science does not deny the possibility of the existence of unexplored properties of the atmosphere, suggesting that this approach can tell us very "Time," taking out "reservists" information, which is stored in a single universal energy space. It is likely that this explains the mysteries hronomirazhey.

The most famous Russian hronomirazh — the ghost of the ancient city of Kitezh. Researchers are looking for it in two bodies of water — Lake Svetloyar located in the Novgorod region, and on the bend of the Volga near the Lada. According to eyewitnesses, sometimes on the surface of the lake appears reflection domes Kitezh and hear the bells ringing.

According to experts, for hronomirazhami can not only see, but also, if you're lucky to get "inside". For example, it has happened to the village Mokeevka, which appeared in the middle of the XIX century in the woods Shilovsky County Ryazan province between two lakes and Chudinov Kuzhiha. Its inhabitants were considered fairly prosperous.

And immediately after the October Revolution, this village suddenly disappeared along with all residents, livestock and homes. And the strange thing was that she again that periodically appear. Saw its neighboring residents Nadezhdino, go fishing or cranberries. When went there to check unit security officers — a village again disappeared, in its place arose again impassable thicket.

While authorities have made several unsuccessful attempts to clarify the situation, but in the end declared that no Mokeevki never existed. And all the stories about the ghost village was declared ideological deviation.

Sergei Nikanov was one of the few who had a chance in the early 30's of the last century, see the legendary village with my own eyes. Moreover, he told reporters Ryazan that other people have been in Nadezhdino Mokeevke, only in the hut did not come because they were afraid.

Then the talk of the village stopped for a long time, only in the mid-60's it came across a group of tourists on a campaign to Chudinov. No data on the phantom village Kishertskom area or the unique Mokeevke scientists have not, because so far no major studies have been conducted.

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