Mysterious voices in my head


"- Is a product of intuition. Such voices, according to parapsychologists can often tell" the listener is very important information, and then save it from imminent danger or even death. "

"The Voice" saved Adolf Hitler

"In one case, the mother's voice may belong to or be aware of a man, and more often it keeps" the listener of something bad. "

In other cases, the voices convey a kind of informational messages that tell about some important incidents — often accidents or wrecks that are not directly related to the person.

Similar phenomena people fix a long time. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates admitted that a demon is being introduced regularly in his thought process and confusing. Joan of Arc began hearing voices still 13letnem age. It was, she said, the voices of the saints Michael, Catherine and Margaret who handed Joan of God's message, which she believed led her fate, and anticipates the future.

One voice told Joan that she will head the army and break through the siege of Orleans, is wounded during the battle. There were other wonderfully predictions come true. Ecclesiastical Court, in whose hands in the end turned out to Jeanne, accused her of witchcraft and heresy, and sentenced to be burned at the stake.

"At the time, it was great Byron saved a mysterious voice that he heard his Greek conductor. Along the way the conductor suddenly went into convulsions." I heard the voice of his father, warning that far from here there is something terrible, — he explained. — stay there for a while. Two years ago, I, too, had convulsions and voice, and it saved my life. Turks slaughtered the village where I was in a hurry to reach. "

The writer does not believe in this story, but agreed to wait. A few kilometers on the way they saw the traces of battle and killed eight people.

It is known that inner voice suggested in 1917 by the then Bavarian Infantry Corporal Adolf Shiklgrubberu to flee the dugout, where a few moments later a shell landed. During World War II, the exact same voice a couple of times saved one of the worst enemies of Hitler — Winston Churchill.

Hallucinations hallucinations — discord

The President of the International Society of Intervoice Marius Romme said that at the moment, according to studies, 4% of all earthlings are suffering auditory hallucinations. For such people, specialists in Denmark opened a special website on the Internet, where anyone can get information on the phenomenon of the human psyche.

Auditory hallucinations or voices in my head most often expressed in pathological patient perception of some words, speeches, conversations, as well as certain sounds or noises. Verbal (verbal) hallucinations can be very diverse in content: the so-called hails (the person "hears" a voice calling his name or surname) to whole sentences or long speeches made by one or more voices, experts explain society Intervoice.

"" Because of the fear and confusion in the society and in psychiatry, "voices" are considered a symptom of the disease, something to be got rid of that, but the significance of this phenomenon is little discussed — complains Professor Marius Romme. — Our research shows that more than 70% of people who hear voices, have experienced a traumatic event that led to it. Discuss voices and their meaning — a very effective way to overcome the fear and isolation

It is believed that the most dangerous "voices" — imperative. Suffering from auditory hallucinations such people think that someone ordered them to perform certain actions, often aimed at causing harm to themselves and others.

For example, in 2004 37letnyaya resident of the English city of Leeds Rosalyn Willie went outside and began to beat him first got her arm woman. From a punch in the stomach in an accident miscarriage — she was three months pregnant. Before Rosalyn was detained, she had another attack on four women and two men. All of her victims were seriously injured. The police Rosalyn said that morning to go to beat passers-by she was ordered to "voices in his head."

Crazy, raging, clairvoyant …

However, the British psychologists have recently launched a special investigation to prove that voice in my head — not as scary as it sounds. They hear and perfectly healthy people, and many even see them as a positive experience in my life.

"Many people say that they like the voices, and that they even inspire and cheer for them in the daily work — says British psychologist Eylish Campbell. — We very much want to understand why some are happy auditory hallucinations, while others immediately run to the doctor? "

As the researchers suggest, if the votes are brought to life by any traumatic factors such as emotional wound received in childhood are more likely to "support" votes will treat them as harmful, hostile and powerful. Experts also believe that the negative attitude to the voices tend to primarily violent or people suffering from an inferiority complex.

Auditory hallucinations — a phenomenon largely mysterious. Some scientists believe that the imaginary voices — nothing like their own thoughts of a man who take a different form, and therefore treated as a single voice, or even a few votes.

Interestingly, patients who are treated for "votes" does not consider them to hallucinations and believe they have to follow all instructions from "above". It happens to convey to others arising under the skull "strange" thoughts can so convincingly, that obviously mentally ill in respect of a person suddenly becomes clairvoyant glory.

Incidentally, in the past, the church considered such men demoniacs and treated them with caution. While the stories of the same Orthodox Church, there are many examples of votes, signs, predicting important events

Gennady Fedotov

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