Mystical unfinished: what secrets hide Yekaterinburg TV Tower?

September 7, 2012 18:15

After 33 years of the unfinished tower of Yekaterinburg has spawned dozens of legends. "Events" CTE continues a series of reports focusing on the unique jubilee tower. In this feature will tell you about the TV tower mystical.

Alex addicts: "The tower is situated in an area of the city, which is characterized by a large number of anomalous phenomena. We attribute this to the territory of geopathic zones. "

Perhaps because of this anomalous zone tower and not finished — believe ufologists. Perhaps that is why the tower is like a magnet pulls people to him emotionally, some are looking for inspiration in the form of the tower, the other — the thrill. Alice Prudnikova: "For some — it is a way to enjoy the surroundings — for others to commit suicide. It is a monumental building, which acquires all new stories. "

How many here were killed — not easy to count. Slipped from the metal slab serifs and considered by graffiti left by friends. Meanwhile unfinished even got his own legend. According to residents, if foggy evening to look at the top of the tower, you can see the dark silhouette of a man smoking a cigarette — is the guy who crashed here 20 years ago. They say he could not climb the stairs to the tower on the outside with a blindfold. There were those who gave their lives willingly tower. Officially, three cases of suicide, but is rumored to high-rise more than 20 voluntary death. Unfinished tower became a sacred symbol of the era. Here sought by those who want to create or to destroy everything. Alexander Melnikov: "The tower is sacred, supernatural character generation era 90's."

Jumping from a 200-meter-high chance of survival in people simply did not. Jumpers often died even before it reached the ground — broke the metal fitting. Rescuers to get to the phone, had to wear a steeplejack equipment. Eugene Ilyubaev: "It was a call from the police, which we helped to get the bodies of people trapped at high altitude."

A record number of deaths is likely to become yet another reason why access to the TV tower was closed. However, as soon as it happened, the city crept new rumors. Last year, in a series of Ural mass media have reported that the tower may have cracked. Although there are damages on the wall of the tower was not visible, the excitement of people is clear. If dvuhsotmetrovaya tower collapses, the consequences for citizens can be very unpredictable.

Dispel doubts Urals year ago it was not possible. Today we know that the examination of the tower to hold, and when the results will be decided the fate of mystical protracted.

Irina Vaskina

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