NASA has selected for astronauts to Mars


The U.S. space agency has selected eight of the team for the development of deep space. List of candidates for the explorers of Mars was published on the official website of NASA. The team of scientists and military men were aged 34 to 39 years, half of them women -.

Candidates were identified from a huge number of applicants — during the selection agency received more than six thousand applications for participation in the program.

"This is the number of applicants due to the fact that we are now doing a great work, and in it we get further than ever. And we are ready to help mankind set foot on the nearest asteroid and then to Mars "- said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

In the final list of astronauts who will explore asteroids and Mars, were former U.S. Air Force pilot, 39-year-old physicist Josh Kassad, 37-year-old African-American pilot Victor Glover and his peers — an employee at the Pentagon test pilot Tyler Nick Haig and MD Military Sciences and Andrew Morgan. Also by the mission were representatives of the fair sex — oceanographer Christina Hammock, test pilot Anne McClain, a student at the School of Medicine at Harvard University Jessica Meir and Nicole Mann, which serves as a naval aviation.

The human foot stepped on only one object in the sky — a satellite of the Earth, the moon. Space Agency experts have long been working on a project to further space exploration, for that they even combined with private companies. For example, to create a database of modern space research conducted in non-governmental organizations, NASA helps space tourism company Bigelow Aerospace.

Also, since the beginning of the non-profit company Mars One is selecting volunteers for the colonization of Mars. The desire to get a ticket to the Red Planet, even though it will be "one way", expressed the tens of thousands of candidates. By 2015, will select the 24 who will take all the necessary training before the flight. He is expected to take place April 22, 2023.

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