Near-Earth asteroid will soon pass by a small distance bezpretsedentno

AsteroidOn the night of November 9, will fly past Earth asteroid 2005 YU55. With a speed of 13.7 kilometers per second outer body will fly at a distance of just 325,000 miles from Earth — is the closest distance to the moon at 60,000 miles. Asteroids the size of several tens of meters often fly at such a distance from the Earth, but this time, there is cause for alarm: 2005 YU55 has a giant size — about 400 meters.

The orbit of the asteroid, which was opened in 2005, is well known, it is often appropriate to the Earth, Mars and Venus. The last time he was coming to the planet in 1976, but at that time, astronomers did not notice him. The current will be the closest approximation of the last 200 years.

NASA going to take this opportunity to properly explore the asteroid with 70-meter antenna network Deep Space Network, and with the Arecibo radio telescope.

The observations made earlier showed that 2005 YU55 is spherical and rotates, making one revolution in 18 hours. The surface of the asteroid is very dark, reflective worse coal, so that amateur astronomers to see it will be difficult.

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