Nekljaev: Man heals itself

Belarusian legislation there are no rules that would provide for the publication of the medical bulletins on the state of health of the Belarusian president or presidential candidates to provide medical certificates to the CEC. Do not apply such laws and in other post-Soviet countries. Although the calls for the introduction of increasingly heard from legislators themselves. Recently, with the relevant initiatives were members of Estonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan …

On the eve of the elections of December 19 "Freedom" wondered how these people maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether they have any medical problems, what steps need to do to improve the health of the nation.

Nyaklyayeu: age 64, height 178 cm, weight 76 kg, the pressure is 125/70.

As advised by the French expert in the matter of health policy makers Jean-Bernard — do not believe politicians who say they are in good health and that they have no pain. If the policy is no pain, it is more dead than alive.

Unlike its rivals in the presidential race, candidate Nyaklyayeu said, "Freedom" is not only the weight, height, blood pressure, but also some other information from their medical records.

Nekljaev"Let them know. I have nothing to hide. I have such a family, or a genetic predisposition to hypertension. This is yet easily adjustable. Weight is also held back as I can remember. So is not because I am so particular about my health — this I can not to say. However, the physical form and I supported this campaign, as due to the specificity of sedentary writer's work was important for me to move. "

"Freedom""It's your image of a man holding bohemia. And in this environment is thought to lead is not the way of life, which is called healthy. Due to the current campaign, if you had a chance to give up certain" Bohemian "habits?"

Nekljaev"If we keep in mind the practice of drinking, in those years when I was in Bohemia, there were stories that almost daily drink liters.

When I was in Bohemia, there were stories that I almost daily drink liters.

I never drank so to fall. Generally, in our family father never drank and grandfather too. Typically, the table was such, it was called — malyankovskaya, cup. In all our loved ones who have to date, not a single person who would be abused. As I see it, alcohol is directly related to genetics. Although from society, too much depends. Not without it. If there is a genetic resistance, the alcohol you do not knock him down. "

"Freedom""Oh this can not be said nicotine. Know that you have smoked for a long time, but now seems to be thrown?"

Nekljaev"Unfortunately, threw. Kidding. Because some immutable life related to my psychological stress, was compensated at the expense of nicotine. Night work without nicotine without liters of coffee, did not seem to me possible. Now I wake up at 6:15 am, and in the 6:10 I see all the same dream that I am sitting in the kitchen, smoking a cigarette and drinking a daw. Such a memory I still have flavor.

This snag that nicotine with coffee give some extra energy.

But in reality, I am now absolutely perfect. This is thanks to Olga, his wife, who is not the forcing: Quit smoking and drinking. I just explained: "You see, you now physico very useful. Still, it's not the case when you can begin to write a poem and not finish it. You should, no matter how much sleep from morning till night to be in shape."

Well, I once listened to her. It seems like it will never come back. Now I can say all the peasants: the snag that alcohol with nicotine and coffee give some extra energy. It is a pure blend. Just got myself in this convincing and thus seems to be some kind of energy increases. In fact, it all just takes power. "

Freedom"What, besides quitting smoking has changed in your current lifestyle?"

Nekljaev"In a dream now, at best, five hours. More often, I get up almost as much as I go to. But apparently, the person has in fact unknown to him reserves. And I was told that so many (February) I live in this mode and not feel tired, I would not have believed it. However it is. Well, of course, I try to help my physics. I continue, as before, to go to the bath. Though my room, now under the same pressure as the Company "Tell the truth." All my friends at our club (we have a CAP Club — Club pairs) also took a turn. decided that these people are sponsoring me. Did the fact that the cakes are in the bath. Quite seriously, By the way, for it came from. Naturally, they did not call somewhere and did not say, do not be friends with those who go to the bath, not Partsa, and if you take a broom, you better kill him. However, once again, took seriously. sew One kriminalku, second, stripped of citizenship. But to the credit of our bath, our club, none of them because it does not run away. And I myself am here today going to the bath. Maundy Thursday. holy cause. "

Freedom"There is information that you yourself have tried in the field of pharmaceuticals and do some miraculous tincture?"

Nekljaev"Karaduba". Sounds like a name, right? I figured out that it is very healing. And you know why? When my first wife gave birth to a daughter, she had a very difficult birth. And then the doctor told me that it would be good if the wife had gone to rest somewhere, and I took up small. Well, I started small. A neighbor saw the child, told me that her daughter is too thin skins and it would be better to make it a little more rough. She advised me to buy oak bark, leave it — and there small. In short, every day Dubichev and Dubichev.

In 1999, I trust in Chinese medicine.

And somehow daughter got sick. The nurse came to get a shot, and the needle will not go into this skin. So I did zadubiv. Seeing the effect that I began using oak bark for everything. Not only for external use but also as anything inside and also … Actually, I believe that a man heals himself. You can drink the water and come up with. Sale also some fraudulent things, different magnets that supposedly kryshtalizuyuts water. One taught me: do you believe that what they are doing magnets, can make your hands. If I thought up something that the water is of the best power, the way it is. "

"Freedom""You are a supporter of alternative medicine?"

Nekljaev"I had a period — in 1999. At that time I had a conflict with the government, I had to leave, that's when my load, so to speak, hypertensive direction. Nerves, all that. And then I through his girlfriend, also a poetess, Natalia Tatur trust this Chinese medicine. convinced me that only she can help me. But I did not find anything there, see. Apart from some shamanic smoke … You lie and you think maybe it work? Another thing — our pharmacy. written on anything. You take, read, drink. Well, help — help. No — then so the transition. man again, heal himself. "

"Freedom""The current president believes that people heal sports, especially skiing and hockey. And it shows by example. Somehow, many refer to it with sarcasm …"

Nekljaev"By the way, the fact that Lukashenko does in sports, skiing, hockey, I am not condescending or malice.

I am not condescending or sarcastic to the fact that Lukashenko does in sports, skiing, hockey.

This is normal. Just do not do it nationwide phenomen
on. Well, there are also some limits. Do you want to run with the ministers on the piste — well, go with the ministers. To do the same this nationwide phenomenon — so it just annoys people. Well, you're healthy, you have time to run around on skis. And many do not have this time, for only think to earn a living where. If he was a Swiss president, Canadian and Danish prince — please. "

"Freedom""If you become president, you are called by the palaces of the war?"

Nekljaev"So I do not mind skating rinks. Course this is not to the detriment of the nation, if more ice rinks., And tennis. And so on … However, to the detriment of the nation is a lack of means of subsistence, so that people can get hold of the family. On damage is something that is not at home, where they can make a baby, that they do not start families. Essentially, we have a demographic problem in the end. Estseka that estseka. We are born far fewer people than die. We reduced population. await us are not very pleasant consequences. So this should be the main concern of the president … "

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