NOT border and seized books Pozniak Navumchyk

Nov. 17 at a checkpoint "Stone's Log" in the vice chairman of the CCP BPF Yuri Belenky and Sergei Popkov seized the book "hard times" and "Independence MPs". "Gebisty will first readers" — says Zenon Pozniak.

Details of the incident told the Freedom Yuri Belenky.

Detained and even tried for the transportation of books of poetry Pozniak

Belenky: "When the bus crossed the Lithuanian border crossing and drove into the checkpoint Belarus, customs officers gave the command to all passengers with the things to come in the control room. Passengers were few. Began to pass through the scanner, and if you missed a suitcase Sergei Popkov, a customs officer asked -" What do you for your books? Show. "Then -" What is it? Zenon Pozniak? '. And then just zbeglasya five people. Do not know if this is a deliberate action, maybe coincidence, but once there, and customs and border guards, and began to spin. , Photographing the books, then somewhere suffered, and then brought in again photographed. One inspector, flipping through the book, he said — "What is there against Russia? We are building a union state, I served here in St. Petersburg …" (of course, spoke in Russian). I had two books signed by the author to me personally. Started the same. I could not stand it, I say — "This is a book that will leave us with the artist's signature. Moreover, we are members of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, of which this book is here even our portraits." When I said we were former MPs, they are slightly softened, as the first behaved aggressively. However, have led us to a private room. Again, some people appeared again photographed and books, and the output of books and authors signature. Generally, photographed all five times. Then he took our passports, then back, then again took the passport, then again photographed book. All this lasted around two hours. As a result, they have made "The detention of goods and documents on them," where it is recorded (in Russian): "At the checkpoint," Stone log "Inspector Shytko Viktor Nikolayevich, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 307 of the Customs Code did detention of goods and documents — Book "hard times. Continued "by Zenon Pozniak, 2010 — 5 copies, and the book" The deputies of Independence "by Zenon Pozniak and S.Navumchyk, 2010 — 7 copies." I signed the protocol, they took away two copies of itself, one left me. They said that the examination will understand, until November 27, with the this time They will determine whether it is subversive literature against the Republic of Belarus. This is not the first time that the delay of the book Pozniak. Detained and even tried Mr. Antipovich per trip for a book of poems Pozniak. Poetry! It seems that the border is very hard given the setting it against the titles of the author. "

Withdrawal of books Zenon Pozniak says:

Gebisty will first readers

Pozniak: "This mode of hunting for my name for 15 years. Everything connected with my name, confiscated, taken under suspicion. So there is nothing surprising. Only thing that I can say — "Hard times. Continued" — this is the third volume of the "Concept of National Revival", released a few days ago. Books still has not read, will be the first gebisty readers. Well, they will not be read, but the first to make a "critical examination." This is due of course to anything. Now all the leaders of our party, our job tracking, because the only thing they fear — it's a boycott. Recently, our people were arrested in the Brest region, took four thousand leaflets. So it is a fact, too, I believe, related to boycott the elections, and that could happen. And why is it such a tracking and panic when the border ran together the entire staff. "

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