Not far from Yoshkar-Ola, a village healers



Not far from Yoshkar-Ola, there is a village where there are such wonders that can not be explained in words. And live there are unique people.

The existence of the miracle of a village called Chodrayal know one. Its hard to see on the map, hard to get there. Mysterious place among the fields and forests, about 100 km from Yoshkar-Ola.

Here 300 years ago, people came to escape the epidemic typhus. Then all miraculously healed. Ever since the magical power of healing all who fall in this extraordinary place.

Forest Village — as translated Chodrayal. Once there were dense forests and deep swamps. To survive in harsh conditions, people have adapted to live according to the laws of nature. The local trees have magical powers and can heal. Locals prefer herbal teas and medicines conspiracies. They can even tame element — scatter the clouds and cause rain.

Miracle Village is hidden from prying eyes for dense forests, but from time to time come here for relief from severe illnesses from all over the country.

That jazz singer Irina Otieva learned of the existence of the miracle of the village, came here for healing. Honored Artist of Russia almost dying, and the doctors could do nothing to help her. Hoping for a miracle, she went to Chodrayal, where she met with her grandmother Marusia. His istselitelnitsu compared with the famous singer Wang.



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