Obama: We will put pressure as possible to the situation in Belarus has changed

President Barack Obama after his meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a joint press conference reiterated the situation in Belarus:

"We talked about the situation in Belarus, a situation which can not be accepted. President Alexander Lukashenko did not pay any attention to human rights. Candidates for the post preydenta are in prison, and journalists — as well. Poland and the United States since the beginning of working together to build a civil society in Belarus, and we want to continue to this matter cooperate "- said Barack Obama.

Responding to a further question from a journalist regarding Belarus and in particular prisoner Andrei Poczobut, the U.S. president said:

"As I said, we talked extensively about it. I know about the situation with the journalist. We agreed that we will push as far as possible, the situation in Belarus has changed. This common theme for the United States and Poland, but also for other countries in the European Union "

There is no future for dictatorships — the kind that is now Lukashenko.

In turn Donald Tusk added:

"I am pleased that we are 100% in agreement this matter. There is no future for dictatorships — the kind that is now Lukashenko. U.S. and Poland — we'll be together to persuade international opinion that the Belarusian people should not pay too high a price, and that it does not go on too long. I also spoke about the way we look at it, in what is now the state of the Belarusian economy. I, as before, Mr. President Komorowski, President Obama informed about the situation with Mr Poczobut. "


USA, Poland

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