Obama will discuss the issue of Belarus in Warsaw

About seven pm Minsk time on a military airport in Warsaw landed U.S. President Barack Obama. Immediately after the arrival of the U.S. leader went on behalf of Pilsudski Square, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in the heart of the Polish capital.

Together with the Mayor Anna Gronkiewicz-Waltz Obama laid a wreath. In the evening, he joins the 20 presidents of the European countries and participates in a ceremonial dinner at the presidential palace.

Before that European leaders discussed how the country (especially the former communist bloc) can share their experience of transformation to those countries which are sent only to the path of democracy building.

"This process, the process of building democracy in some countries neighboring the EU is just beginning, and in some — to still not yet started. We have to help them, because we have no time and helped the wealthy democracies of Western Europe, "- said in a press conference the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski.

The summit of European leaders closed to the press, so at this point there is no way to say, debated whether and, if so, how widespread the Belarusian issue.

But tomorrow, when the start-sided part of President Obama's visit, the situation in Belarus will discussed — at least it was discussed in the statements of representatives of the administration of the Polish president.

Other issues to be discussed, it is a matter of constant U.S. military presence in Poland, the U.S. firms involved in the development of shale gas on the territory of Poland and the tender for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland.

Next, the 18th summit of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe will be held in Kiev that as they say analysts, is a clear reveransam towards pro-European aspirations of Ukraine.

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