Occult mystery Mamaev Kurgan

September 24, 2012 20:15

Occult mystery Mamaev Kurgan

Rumors and version that is not only because of the strategic or political interest in the Nazis were eager to Stalingrad in 1942, go long, they have become quite popular in the press. The researchers there is a version that causes the Battle of Stalingrad was a mystic and component.

The well under Orlovka

A researcher from the Volga River city of Mikhail Vasiliev over twenty years seriously studying the issue.

— About twenty years ago, — says Mikhail — I started work on the travel of tourists to our region. Many have come to visit the museums of Volgograd, at the memorial complex "Battle of Stalingrad" in the archives of Mamaev Kurgan. Then I met a man who was fanatically obsessed with the idea of a mystery. "Give me the money, and I dug a well in Orlovka" — with this request, he turned eagerly to the leadership at various levels.

As it turned out, Michael once learned from an elderly Stalingrad such a fact. At the end of the Battle of Stalingrad the Germans were thrown into the well, was on the outskirts of the town near the village of Orlovka, eleven zinc boxes. The well then they blew up, but the most incredible — Romanian soldiers were shot, to help them in this work.

— What kind of a well, which was hidden in it? — Interested in Michael.

Inspired by this mystery, it is learned over time, looking for a mysterious well he is not alone. The interest of the strange object under Orlovka are also some German citizens who came to our shores under a variety of pretexts. Asking the locals, they offer them money for any information about the "well under Orlovka."

— I thought, — said Vasily — why would it present Germans interested in the facts of bygone years?

Orlovka at the time of the battle of Stalingrad was the place where the Nazis gathered strength for an assault Mamaev Kurgan, it was their base point. There, in Orlovka, based squad SS Sonderkommando "4 A", who at the time commanded the SS Sturmbannfuhrer Eugen Shteymle. This SS division was tasked to counter-insurgency operations in the occupied territories, mired in particular, participation in the mass executions of civilians at Babi Yar, near Kiev. But here, at Stalingrad, the Nazis of such operations were planned. Why, then, were they here?

— After working for a very large number of materials of the time, — concluded Mikhail Vasiliev — I came to the conclusion that the Sonderkommando "4 A" has been preparing some of the secret operation, for which, in fact, began the battle of Stalingrad, and this is the sacred meaning Battle of Stalingrad. Otherwise, for what the Nazis had to be so desperate to storm debris? Stalingrad was by then already effectively destroyed as a city and as a communications hub for the supply of troops operating in the Caucasus. Port were bombed, oil storage tanks. Plants that remained in him, were the ruins, among which there were machines.

Fellow traveler

Luck comes to those who are looking for it. By Mikhail Vasiliev, fascinated by the mysteries of the battle of Stalingrad, it came time to face fellow traveler who was riding with him in the train en route to the Urals.

Hitcher this was a veteran of the Battle of Stalingrad, during which he was an intelligence officer. His name was Alexander Agafonnikov. About what happened to him during the war veteran said reluctantly. But gradually found common companions, the former intelligence officer, they say, to speak out. From him, then Michael and learned many exciting information on questions that interested him.

During the execution razvedzadaniya Alexander was captured near the Don River. However, the Germans sent him to a prison camp, as he as a person interested in the SS commander of Sonderkommando "4 A", and he left it with me. This German officer excellent knowledge of Russian.

— You're interesting to me — he said then Agafonnikov. — So long as you will live with me, you and I will just talk, talk. Can you relate with me as an enemy, but it takes me according to my intelligence and was treated as an equal.

When it became clear that the group Nazis surrounded at Stalingrad, is condemned to death, Hitler dismissed Agafonnikov officer. It seems that he had gained respect for the Russian officer and did not want him dead. Appearing to her, and to report on the activities of the SS Sonderkommando "4 A", Alexander was arrested and sent to the counterintelligence camp. Lengthy sentence he was serving on the Kolyma, was rehabilitated only in 1983.

Stalingrad and the "Ahnenerbe"

At the end of the First World War, Germany was in a state of crisis. Germans began to look for a way out. But all the usual ways to overcome it was by then "covered" activities of other powers. "So we have to work in a field — was concluded in Germany — in which other people do not work."

The Germans turned their attention to the ancient occult knowledge. Adolf Hitler, a mystic by nature, not by chance again and again sent the best security services in Germany to Tibet in search of secret knowledge. These studies involved Lama and Tibetan monks. In Europe were intense search of the miraculous Holy Grail, which, according to legend, was collected the blood of Jesus Christ.

At that time in Germany to the occult and ideological support of the state machinery of Hitler's Reich was created and closed military institute called "Ahnenerbe" — "The German Society for the study of ancient history and heritage of the German ancestors." For these purposes, a zealous German government had spent more money than the Americans at Manhettensky project to build an atomic bomb! Over time, the Germans prishol success. So, for example, was developed alloy with mystical properties and that for centuries have tried to create the ancient alchemists. The ancient Egyptians called this substance "Electrum", and its visual manifestation was "electricity". With the help of the Germans and planned to finish victorious war against the Soviet Union, by influencing "the ether" for the people who inhabited the territory, that is, the "world ether" was a type of psychotronic weapons! A seizure Mamaev Kurgan for them was a key step in the implementation of the plan.

German leaders at the time understood that in order to break the resistance of the Soviet people, to apply against it something special, from which he had no defense. But nuclear weapons had not yet been created.

Scientists, mystics of the "Ahnenerbe" very good understanding of the Earth as a single activity of the organism. For this purpose, to run a military laboratory "Konigsberg 13", which is in Königsberg (Kaliningrad), on the island Kneiphof, now the island of Kant. According to scientists' Annenerbe "Mamaev Hill in Stalingrad is a powerful energy point, a kind of" navel of the earth. "

Do not bring the secret fallen asleep

At some point (which, as the Germans have decided are Stalingrad and Mamaev Kurgan), and they reveal "the natural protective layer of the Earth." Under it, at depth, to find the "nerve center" of the planet, affecting who can achieve great, great results. To do this, there must be laid "Electrum" — material with a special, mystical and energetic properties. Nature will work with in a special way, affecting people living in vast areas and are not prepared to this effect. They can subdue, to make weak, helpless or simply destroy them for freeing yourself out of the whole continent.

— To do this, — said Mikhail Vasiliev — and was in Stalingrad division SS Sonderkommando "4 A", which stayed experts "Ahnenerbe", dedicated to all those secret things. Why he was brought here from a secret institute "electrum," which is likely to be in the very zinc box that the Nazis buried in Orlovka, thus creating kriokapsulu. From there you can not retrieve them: electrum, enclosed in them, have long come to equilibrium with the environment and with the Earth itself. If this balance is upset, will begin the disaster — natural. And not only that. A similar effect was observed when the Altai plateau Ukok in permafrost Novosibirsk scientists have uncovered an ancient burial so-called "Altai Princess". Then there soon began a series of terrible earthquakes, pestilence attacked the cattle, there was a series of gratuitous suicide locals. Or you can compare it with the way the day of opening of the tomb of Tamerlane, Germany attacked the Soviet Union and began the most terrible war in history.

Confirmation of this version Mikhail Vasilyev may serve the following fact: in excavations near Stalingrad, among other finds war, searchers found a military medal SS officer and a ring with the picture of a skull on it. These rings were marks of distinction honored officers "Ahnenerbe", awarded in person Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. "The Ring" Totenkopf "can not be bought or sold — the first SS in Germany. — This ring will never be allowed to fall into the hands of someone who has no right to keep it. "

That hides the mound? It is time to draw conclusions.

Mamaev Kurgan — a place where once decided the fate of the battle of Stalingrad, and with it the whole of Europe. 22 times during the battle, he passed from hand to hand. And as soon as the Germans took possession of them immediately began extensive excavations directed by explosions in the north-eastern side, in order to implement the tab "electrum" to the level of ganglion of the planet, as evidenced now save huge pit, overgrown with grass and bushes. But maybe for humanity Mamaev Kurgan is not limited to this. In history, there is evidence that once at the top of this mound ancient Aryan tribes worshiped their god, and where now stands "Motherland", a sanctuary, including God of War nomadic Sarmatians.

It is possible that these people were the first in the history of mankind have identified a strong flow of energy coming from the place of the earth. Energy, which is, perhaps, the main secret is not only an ancient burial mound in Volgograd, but of the planet …

Commentary writer

The issue needs further study

Gennady Belimo, head of the Volga group to study anomalous phenomena, the author of over a dozen books on UFO:

— My attitude to the version made by Mikhail Vasiliev, very interested. It is known also that the brilliant scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, and after him, and a number of other great minds believed that the Earth — it is a living organism is reasonable with its special physical structure and intelligence. Occult influence on it, probably would have a corresponding impact on the physiological condition and the morale of the USSR, and the resistance would stop.

But it's too bad we know the impact of factors such way to Earth and the processes taking place in it. And it is very controversial. Although the truth is there. But it is so far from our modern materialistic science that while causes more confusion than confidence, so that really could be.

On the other hand, rumors that there is a mystical element in the causes of the Great Patriotic War, and that it was no accident unleashed a reason to attack Mamaev Kurgan, certainly of interest. I think it needs further study this hypothesis in search of evidence. We need a set of additional research, not only on the Mamaev Kurgan, but generally by the mysticism of the war. Require knowledge of the possibility to manage the natural processes through its impact on the Earth, on its specific points. It is possible that in this case will be found some documents classified earlier.

So far, it appears that everything in the matter deferred to the future. Therefore, I personally have doubts about this is, but there is no unequivocal denial and rejection of the version made by Mikhail Vasiliev. Issue needs to be studied further.

Alexander Litvinov

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