Of perch, Hanuman temple and ancient civilization

September 9, 2012 9:07

History — interesting and fascinating, if not necessary to hack forty questions for the exam. It is interesting, first of all, when it comes up. With the new, in the sense of a recently discovered (or digging) history, Omsk experienced researchers. According to them, hundreds of thousands of years ago in West Siberia there was an ancient civilization centered on the site of the now famous village in Okunevo Muromtsevsky area.

And supposedly there is a temple of Hanuman, who, according to legend, Rama presented the whole of Siberia.
The first touch to this great mystery began over half a century ago. Head of Moscow archaeological expedition Alexander Zaitsev, Okunevo first visited in 1943, became interested in the extraordinary properties of water "space" of lakes and along the way there even cured of tuberculosis …

Perch — the center of civilizations?

Archaeologists prove it by making permanent finds remains of ancient settlements, places of worship, cemeteries, which were created in the Neolithic (VII-III centuries BC).
It all started in the winter of 1993, when the heating pad was discovered an ancient necropolis of a large area. That's when historians and faced with the real story, the history of memory locations, and not with the theory, which is essentially an assumption, since the age of excavation firm puzzled. He's kind of contrary to the traditional view of the history of the area. Although it is the summer of 1963 in the heart of the small village perch, on the river Tara, a Mount School, the children found the two mirror-polished slab of light gray color. Apparently, they are fragments of a man-made structures, and not the fact that this building was not a temple.
Siberian scientists hypothesize: 300 000 years ago in Western Siberia there was an advanced civilization, the birthplace of many religions of the world. In this vast area there was a mighty civilization from Proto-Slavic city on the confluence of the Irtysh Omyu. This hypothesis is supported by the oldest written monument of the Russian people "Veles book", which refers to the big city, which had a sanctuary. It was located at the confluence of the river Iriy (the ancient name of the Irtysh River) Ohm (Om). A professor VI Matyushchenko (now deceased), in his book "Ancient History of Siberia", writes: "… here, in the opinion of many scientists, formed the oldest Indo-Aryan epic" Mahabharata ", images and characters which are surrounded by some local rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys. Here, perhaps, was the cradle of Indo-Aryans, some of them later went to South Asia, the Indian subcontinent limits … "
But those same scientists completely refute that Okunevo was once a temple, whose age is about ten thousand years. It is believed that the first human settlement in this place belong to the late Neolithic period — about four or five thousand years ago in the area Okunev were only small villages with little cultural stratum.
Scientists suggest a story of their own assumptions unchanged. In 1993, archaeologists — serious people, had some excavation of the necropolis, and concluded that the remains of this building does not belong to any of the local culture. And later came to the conclusion that it was the ancient arias and stood on the bank of Tara settlements. This theory deserves serious attention — the settlement of the Aryans found not only in Siberia, but also in the South Urals, and in Sintashta burial ground (Arch, III-II centuries BC), discovered Aryan chariots. Later, they will move back to the south-west: Iraq, Iran, and the Sinai Peninsula. It is possible that they have left their cities from climate change. Apparently, only the Sinai Peninsula, they found themselves accustomed to the climate.
Why was destroyed civilization? There are a number of versions. On one of them, the civilization of the Aryans "bold" after a glacier. On another, it was destroyed by a catastrophic turn of the earth's axis by 72 degrees because of a fallen meteorite and Siberian land of plenty was suddenly destroyed. On the third, between priests Siberian churches and priests of Atlantis there was a conflict. Atlanta created their crystal and decided to use it to destroy the main church of our ancestors, but they were ready for defense. As a result of the "crystalline" wars of Atlantis sank into the depths, but the temple was worth the complete destruction and sinking into the depths of the earth (one version clairvoyant). As for the climate of Siberia, according to one hypothesis, the Ural Mountains and the Yenisei River was subtropical, which may well be related to the theory on the causes of the movement of the Aryans to the south. By the way, the version of the meteorite that destroyed civilization comes here too: as a result of his fall climatic pendulum swung the other way, and it's cold.
30 years after the discovery of plates, in 1993, Olga Gurbanovich clairvoyant "made out" deep underground ancient temple. And after 7 years, in 2000, under the same School mountain with seysmopriborov found some artificial structures located deep in the pound, consisting of loam, sand and friable sandstone at a depth of 8 to 15 meters which has they large dense array with the emptiness inside, although there is no rock massifs.
Hanuman temple
Incidentally, the same fluctuations in summer 2008 Moscow scientists have recorded in two places — on the north bank of the Shaitan-Lake, where supposedly there was a temple of Hanuman, and in the bend of the river Tara. It is possible that there may be buried discovered a mysterious object.
What is this mysterious temple? If we believe the Indian clairvoyant Sathya Sai Baba appeared in India in November 1926, the thousands of years ago on the banks of the river Tara was built (who we find out later) Ancient Indian temple great healer Indian monkey god Hanuman. The same is written in the ancient Aryan source "Rigveda".
Sathya Baba himself was a priest in the temple, and now aims to establish on earth the "golden age" — to unite humanity in one fraternal family, to awaken the desire to live in love and cooperation. The disciples of the great prophet claim that he is preaching a religion that supposedly was brought to India from Siberia. Hanuman — Indian deity, the divine monkey, son of the wind god Vayu. Hanuman had inherited from his father the ability to fly, fast, as well as incredible power of the sun god and got knowledge. Hanuman was granted eternal youth, he is revered as the greatest healer and patron of science. Hanuman helped Rama to fight the demons, and after his victory gave him a frame Siberia.
Hanuman, as a deity related to one of the world's oldest religions — Hinduism, originated in the II-III century BC So it is quite possible that there was a cult of Hanuman as possible, and the temple in Okunevo.
Of the crystal and a greenish glow or dome disclosed.
The main attraction of the temple of Hanuman is a thinking Crystal — a magical talisman, octagon-shaped (in another version had 72 crystal faces) height of 1.2 meters. While in the temple, he was in constant communication with the cosmos and the earth was brought from the planet Satra, whose members, according to one version, and built a temple-observatory for communication with the cosmos. Sort of like "Interplanetary Chess Congress Vasyukov", but something in it, because the pyramids of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations have distinct patterns of people in suits, and also recall the seemingly absurd theory that the Egyptian pyramids were built aliens.
Crystal-minded — the keeper of knowledge aliens from the planet. In it, as in the perfect computer, laid information: where is the human species, recorded all the events happening in the world since time immemorial. It provides life-saving information for the whole of humanity, stalled in its "development" because it is the greatest source of energy that can completely change not only the currently existing system of energy earthlings, but a way of thinking, and most importantly — their way of life. With the help of the priests control the climate and, as mentioned above, contact with other continents (with envy Atlantis, probably, too) and the planets.
During these sessions the dome open, and rushed into the sky green pillar of light. This phenomenon is not seen by local residents. Eyewitnesses from the lake as the sky slowly rising column of greenish light, like a spotlight looking for something in the sky, or it itself suddenly begins to glow. Scientists believe that this is the "result of outflow of plasma from the interior in places crustal faults."
Now where's the crystal? Whether it lies in the temple at the bottom of a lake near the village of healing Okunevo or deep under the ground? Three psychics independently "saw" that is currently under the earth is only a temple, and its Crystal moved into another dimension and actually earthlings available. It is only his power projection.
Of the lake and the meteorites, or who finds — Health takes.
Far from Okunevo are several lakes — Linevo, Pike, Danilin Shaitan-Lake, where both water and healing mud.
Until recently known only four lakes. They said the clairvoyant from Nizhnevartovsk Olga Gurbanovich. She said that the water is really therapeutic, and they are formed of themselves a huge meteorite on the ground, but there are five lakes. Last view of everyone, but no one notices. After a few years she pointed fifth lake — Flax-Hemp, which is more like a puddle of about 100 meters in length and 30 — in width.
Other Siberian clairvoyants also claim that these lakes "born Cosmos. This is indicated by the results of the investigations and eyewitness accounts. First, the depth of the lake from 16 to 18 meters, though, as studies sonar, in the left part of a cavity already in 67 meters. Geologists believe that this points to the depth of one hundred percent of its meteoritic origin. Secondly, this is also said elongated, resembling a butterfly, the shape of the reservoir, and this form is characteristic of impact craters formed in the fall of the celestial stones. When the group arrived at the site, drilled shafts and carried out a thorough investigation of the lake, it was found out that it really is very similar to the meteorite crater. According to scientists, the meteorite fell in Muromtsev had more than a hundred feet in diameter and weighed about thirty tons.
Proves it is also an amazing find — two stones of extraterrestrial origin that have been found at the bottom of Danilin. The first was about a meter in diameter and weighing nearly half a ton. The second stone found at a depth of Geophysics three meters, the rock in the waters of Danilin diameter of about four meters, and weighs about 30 tons. That is, the hypothesis of cosmic origin of the lake said the existence of the stone, the formation of which is not characteristic of the Siberian lands.
According to the meteorite broke into five parts. Fragments of a meteorite hit the earth was a large depression in the future filled with water.
Three of these lakes Omsk region connected by an underground river, and the water in them, as they say, holy. It does not go bad, does not bloom and cures for many diseases. With that treats not only water, but even photos of the lakes, indicating that some unknown power, and possibly magical properties of these "heavenly" formations.
But experts Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Center is not found in the waters of lakes and Linevo Danilin any substances that would have treated people. The only thing that surprises — spotlessly clean water in the open water of Lake Linevo.
Most mysterious and the most effective for the healing power is Shaitan-lake. Its water is so healing, that gets rid of psoriasis, eczema and other ills. However, it is believed that the lake takes in a not all, but find it difficult because the big Shaitan is not listed on the area map. The lake bottom two. First floor — at a depth of about three meters. And under him again the water column. And no one knows how much is actually up to the second floor.
By the way, the researchers examined the ground, took water to the test, to scuba diving — high silver content is not there and the lake water is different in quality from the Irtysh.
True, the writer Mikhail Rechkin, local native and the most famous explorer of his land, talking with enthusiasm about a local woman, happily endures to 111 years. And it has fallen instead of old age grown new teeth. Perhaps because his long life Grandma drank water only from the lake.
According to legend: to correct, consistent treatment, that is to swim or drink the water in series of all five lakes. Then different in the way the impact properties of the living water of all lakes will overlap and reinforce each other's actions.
Did you not like?
About the story and the storyteller, or "story — a lie, so it hint …"
The theme we hear a phrase derived Nizhnevartovsk Olga clairvoyant Gurbanovich of the planet's inhabitants Satra: "You — earthlings, too lightly to the tales, and yet through them you get knowledge."
Perhaps the strongest childhood memories and I remember that he was pleased at pictures, where he was portrayed Humpbacked Horse. Yes, yes, remember: "The skate Ivan looked, / And in the boiler immediately dived / Here in the other and the third too, / And so he became a comely, / That no tale does not say / No pen can not describe."
The author of this well-known fairy tales ("The Humpbacked Horse", if someone does not know) Peter P. Ershov lived in Omsk edges, and possibly in the child's head the poet remained colorful pieces of legends, legends, mysteries, which are full of this place. He could hear the legend of the flying in the sky riding (see below), the miracle-the-Lake (about this later), a dip in which alternately can be of use to good fellow. Old people say that three boilers — the three lakes: Shaitan Linevo and Sanctuary. If they swim — human disease remains.
About miracles and Humpbacked Horse, or the Mistress of Copper Mountain did in Percidae?
Want miracles? They were here a lot, choose.
First touch of this pantry miracles began more than half a century ago. In the forties, these places were marked phenomena paranormal nature. Okunev children playing outside the village, suddenly noticed the river Tara knows somewhere grafted dance girls in bright sundresses. Then in the dance, in their memories, began to show three huge translucent shapes of women in mourning poses. Their height was a few feet away.
Further more, in 1947, the local teacher near Shaitan-lake suddenly heard a gentle, ethereal ringing bells coming from above. Looked up to the sky and with amazement saw horses rushing through the air, but these beautiful that it is impossible to pass. "Their curly golden mane in the wind, I can still see, you only close your eyes," — she said. Some signs in the sky and saw the other village women.
In other years Okunev guys seen a vision in the air "live rider, is real, as they said, uniformed Commissioner of the Civil War." Here they are — horses, flying through the sky!
Even more horrible story once told former soldier, a man not timid. Summer moonlight he saw a huge dog, which had sailed to the other side of Tara, has become a great human being, dressed in white garments. And it seems like, not when he saw a huge shaggy dog, pobultyhavshis water Tara went into the other side of the two-meter man.
There were miracles of another kind, such as disappearances. Thus, in the sixties of the last century near the Shaitan-lake disappeared without a trace a group of military researchers. And the leader of another group of researchers from Naberezhnye Chelny, academician T. Ermakova herself for a moment disappeared from this world: on the way to the lake, Shaitan, she suddenly felt the absolute silence, isolation and solitude. Fearing the unknown status, Tamara intuitively sharply stepped forward, and then it went back to the sound of green wood and the voices of colleagues who have lost it.
In the forest around the village very many trees downed top, as if something, flying, they hooked. A lot of trees twisted and kinked.
It is interesting also that somehow Moscow scientists saw in the same Okunevaya unusual lizard — a length of forty inches, thick, gray-spotted, it was more like a lizard or lizards from Tales of the Ural Bazhova Mistress of Copper Mountain. But it is possible that an effect on the reptile long stay this strange energy band.
UFO, land subsidence, or a better night sleep.
Glowing balls in Okunevo
Werewolves, ghosts, Humpbacked Horse okunevtsev can not be surprised, but that's not all. Most importantly, as we have not yet talked — UFOs, although it slightly touched on this topic.
For a long time okunevtsy see strange flying objects in the form of luminous balls and large spots of yellow, orange and red.
Luminous spheres captured not only the eyes of local residents, but also cameras researchers — members last expedition to Okunevskaya anomalous zone. The photographs, scientists sent to colleagues in St. Petersburg. To this he answered — balls in the photos is not an optical illusion, as suggested by some researchers, but the real object of unknown origin. Clearly visible in the pictures round objects. And they are etched in photographs taken during both day and night. Attention is drawn to the fact that as the picture clearly shows that they all have the same structure — in the center of each ball is located a dark spot, like the nucleus of a living organism.
Before finding the answer to another riddle Siberian hinterland, researchers excluded defect pictures: pictures are taken digital camera, that is, marriage in the film out of the question. Among scientists about the origin of the section object. Some believe that this is an ordinary physical phenomenon — so intricately refracted rays of light in the air. Others reply: because there is no light at night. It is likely that researchers had unknown organisms. St. Petersburg scientists also confirm this theory. (Incidentally, the same balls are fixed in Molebskoy zone).
Local people themselves once told the writer and researcher Mikhail Nikolayevich Rechkin that once watched enchanting UFO landing on the surface of the Shaitan-lake, and one of them assured me that in his eyes "plate" as it plunged into the mirror surface of the pond and disappeared there. Aliens still use the temple? No wonder that in the night of the lake rises a green light.
Here's another case of a meeting of a local resident with a UFO he somehow came at three o'clock on the street and noticed the orange ball hanging over the field. When the morning he visited the place, he found a failure. The first such failures appeared in the mid 90-ies of the last century. The failure of a hole with an outer diameter of about one meter and going into the pit, up to 20 m in depth. But there are those who suggest that the mysterious gaps exist because nuclear explosions, which for research carried out in the 70's. However, the documents that prove that the northern part of the Omsk region were nuclear tests, no.
Of the ring and hands, or that is common in Wiltshire and sat Okunevo.
Perch is surprising not only luminous balls, but strange marks of unknown origin in the form of a huge ring on the ground — its diameter is about 12 meters. Ring, as the researchers found, was formed under the influence of high temperatures — in some places the land to the state of melted glass. Found ring local gamekeeper, when examined territory entrusted to him after the winter. The northern areas of the Omsk region has long been a UFO many questions, and the appearance of the ring once again confirms the abnormality of the area.
It is known that such cases have been recorded previously in several spots. Ring formation, it is gigantic, which appeared in 2001 on the hill at Milk Hill (Wiltshire, England), has caused a lot of questions from the international scientific community. Record-holder has a diameter of about half a kilometer and comprises as much as 400 rings of variable diameter of two meters to 20 meters and more.
There is a widespread belief that such ring formations are some "cosmic airports" from alien residents who show great interest in our planet.
Interestingly, after the thawing of the ground inside the ring there were other traces in the form of a hand. The origin of these traces is also unknown, and we can assume that the "hand" in the ring was in the past, and did not appear because of the frozen ground.
About "Tup" and "navel", or do not touch the old tree.
Scientists, who in the 1990s studied local places, found abnormal areas of two types. As a joke, the first called "temnilischem", and the second — "sacriplaces."
In "temnilischah" (the locals call it "Tup") level of natural electromagnetic radiation is much lower than in the area. The vegetation here is small, twisted trees dried up by an unknown force. In such places, people feel very uncomfortable, covers an oppressive state and wants to get away quickly.
Tup looks like Savannah: yellow grass and a few stunted trees. It's like an island surrounded by the river — because here the cows and Fit: they do not escape.
And what is interesting: no cow will not come in the middle of the "zone" where growing old tree, which is not recommended to touch. They say that if a bird sits on it — will disappear.
In "sacriplaces" (also known as "navel") level of the natural electromagnetic field is one or two orders of magnitude higher than in the surrounding area. The human body is a field effect in two ways. If its level is higher in the order, then it is as if "feeds" the people — feel better, increases efficiency. In areas with a higher level of electromagnetic radiation and a half to two orders delayed undesirable. One of the pilgrims who had come with geophysicists, chatted in the area two or three hours, suddenly began to dance, as claimed by then, the music, but no one but him, this music is not heard.
Navel of the earth (Omkara) and is the main attraction of this place. By the way, for reference: in ancient Greece, it was his idea of the navel of the earth. He was called in Delphi and Omphale (and Percidae — Omkar, please pay attention to the first syllable, this will be discussed below.)
In the summer of the "navel" is a riot going on: the grass is growing like crazy, taller than a man. And in the middle, "navel" are symbols of several religions at once. And Orthodox chapel and a Hindu altar, and Old Believers Kolovrat inglidov.
About babadzhistov, Orthodox and inglidov, or a mysterious sound "Om".
Speaking on the representation of Okunevskaya navel denominations, it is necessary to start with a student of Sri Guru Babaji Rasmi Rozitis. In 1989, she went in search of the place where the temple of Hanuman. She was given a vision in which he said of the ancient temple, the Observatory, once built by extraterrestrial civilizations in Western Siberia around the crystal ball, and that at this point in the future to begin a new spiritual development of humanity.
According Rasmi, the choice fell on Omsk because the name of the city in tune sacred syllable "Om", the central concept of the sacred Vedic literature: it is the sound, which is hidden the whole essence of the universe. It turned out that the river Tara is translated from Sanskrit ("savior"), and is named after the great Indian goddess. One of the rivers that flow into the Tara Kaylaska called, and it is directly connected with the name of Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, which has the same "functions" as the Olympus of the ancient Greeks. With these and other signs Rasma stopped here. She later told me that staying in a tent near the village, five days she fasted and prayed, and on the fifth night light phenomena observed: "the light was floating around, came to me luminous beings, I saw like a machine, woven of light and heard unearthly music. " Two kilometers away from the village, she found a place where the kind of energy is exchanged between Space and Earth. At this place is laid out an altar of stone ("dhuni"). Babadzhisty believe that in the future there will be built a beautiful city, and educational center for the entire planet, there will be the union of all denominations will be mutual understanding and friendship between the two. Will develop clean technology transportation … The Golden Age will start counting from there. And it will put an end to all wars.
In the Hindu temple ("Ashram") in the village Okunevo the place of honor emblazoned image monkey. Annual ritual that suits the community, remind pageant: people in beautiful eastern outfits sing spiritual hymns, after serving arrange free meals and distribute sweets. They sacrifice on the altar of harmless: the faithful poured into the sacred fire oil, burn it fruits, grains and flowers. Most ceremonies Ashramites accompany songs and live music. Babadzhisty bring musical instruments directly from India. Drums, for example — a unique product of Indian craftsmen. The housing, made of ceramic, unnecessarily tight leather.
In 1994, on the high bank of Tara erected Christian chapel and the cross. In the chapel on the big holidays a priest from Omsk.
Come here conservatives who call themselves inglidami. They believe that 100,000 years ago, is home to the famous Belovodye. And in Okunevo was a large temple complex and the "intergalactic communication channels." Inglidy though even seen on one of the large lakes in the alien ship. Old Believers set up near the chapel of his character — "Solstice." And they believed in this place came to be Aryans.
About Armageddon and the new "Noah's Ark", or good bye America.
In 1945, the famous American seer Edgar Cayce predicted that the global cataclysm will flood most of North and South America, England, Japan. Revival starts in Western Siberia, which is designed to be a "Noah's Ark" for humans who survived the "end of the world." With this they agree with the Indian clairvoyant Sathya Baba, who considers that only the Lake Shaitan, that terrible moment when the Earth will collapse Armageddon find shelter favorites. Here the foundation for establishing a new race of people, the new religion — a kind of symbiosis of the existing schools. New people will have unique abilities and knowledge.
"And help them to crystal, which in due time will be from another dimension. And the church will return to earth "- sure Rasma Rozitis.
Great future in Western Siberia at the time also predicted Russian visionary and philosopher Daniel Andreev, author of the famous book "The Rose of the World."
Of burial and a curse, or need sign "Do not disturb"!
Three kilometers from Okunevo are ancient burial grounds, which locals call the Tatar ridge. Rumored burial treasures fraught Khan Kuchum. According to legend, Khan died near these places. His pursuers could not profit from countless treasures. It is said that in these forests Khan hid his coffers, but so far has not organized any major archaeological expedition to dispel or confirm these assumptions. Tatar cemeteries are missing, and therefore must be treasures. And a couple of years ago, they have announced. Locals warned carefully guys: do not climb, you can not dig here, do not like these places brazen invasion, but who will listen? First, he died almost immediately — within six months. Suddenly, he has developed a strange disease. A second was put in prison, where he died.
Some researchers who conducted excavations on ridges, also paid a high price for having disturbed the souls of dead people. The candidate of historical sciences lecturer Omsk University Boris Melnikov, an atheist, who does not believe in all sorts of devilry, it was felt that the "curse" of dead still exists. The people working in this place, the family fell apart, ill or dying children. Last year, the curse of the Tatar ridge touched two young scientists. After the archaeological excavations at a seriously ill child, the second — was tragically killed. The latter case, confirming that the mountain — a cursed place, there was a well-known professor and his wife, who accompanied him on the expedition. The woman got lost in the forest, she was found only in four days. It is still unclear why she died.
Of the skull and its owner, or the final part.
In the summer of 2008 expedition of scientists, graduate students of Omsk Agricultural and Pedagogical University, Tomsk State University, examined the western part of the natural and historical area of the village as a particularly Okunevo stored natural area of regional significance. Within a few days at the ledge of the Irtysh floodplain was a lot of interesting finds of bones of ancient animals of the Ice Age. Such as the woolly rhinoceros jaw, which still have all your teeth, but one of the indigenous as well as bones of mammoths, prehistoric bison, wild horses and deer. But a special joy for scientists began finding well-preserved skull bear, presumably lived seven thousand years ago.
Paleontologist Alexey Bondarev determined that dug up the skull of prehistoric bear, an ancestor of modern brown bears, coexist with cave bears. Such an instance is found in the Omsk region for the first time. You can now say with certainty: there are bears living, and thus lived and those who hunt them, that is, our ancestors. Cranium impressive. If the modern brown has fangs four centimeters, and rose up to his full height, two meters up to two and a half, then its parent canines — 6 inches, and height — about three meters. Molars of primitive clumsy indicate that he ate mostly plant foods, like a wild pig. However, scientists do not rule out that in times of famine, the ancient bears feed and animal food as current Toptygin. The skull is slightly mineralized, ie fossils, but carbon dating will determine its exact age. And in general, to work with scientists to find a few. And it is possible that the primitive bear will reveal some more secrets.
END, or that we will present more Okunevo?
Did you know that Heinrich Schliemann as abnormal when he went in search of Troy, fulfilling a childhood dream? In his hands was a book of poems of Homer blind, but still Schliemann found the legendary city.
Beliefs and legends are not built from scratch in every tale there is a hint, and any mystery sure to find the answer.

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