Oil via Odessa — Brody pipeline flows slowly

Trial prapampovvanne oil aversnym mode through the pipeline "Odessa — Brody" for technical reasons is slow. Belarus expects that this process can take about a week.

Trial prapampovvanne oil through "Odessa — Brody" for Mozyr refinery began on November 20, Interfax reported in the Belarusian Oil Company.

According to the company "Transneft", on November 21 at the Oil Refinery pumped 15,000 tons of oil.

"The concern of" Transneft "is the fact that one of the two southern branches of the pipeline" Druzhba "is being stretched to the limit (17.5 million tonnes) as well as other works in reverse to pump oil to the Oil Refinery.

"In this mode, pipe rarely works. This limit mode. What would happen if the pipeline is regularly so used, it is difficult to predict," — said a spokesman for the company. He said that as a result of pumping test batch on obverse of the Odessa-Brody pipeline and into reverse by the "Druzhba" on the Oil Refinery "Transneft" will direct their concerns to the Belarusian and Ukrainian partners, as well as consignees in Central Europe. "At this prapampovvannyav a very large burden on one pipe, and no provision is not" — said the representative of "Transneft".

November 18 marine oil terminal "Pivdenniy", located in the eponymous Ukrainian sea port (Odessa region), began unloading tankers with oil intended for aversnaga prapampovvannya through the pipeline "Odessa — Brody pipeline." According to the "Ukrtransnafta", lot size, purchased under the swap is 80 thousand tons.

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