On Mars, detected moving object


The mysterious object photographed on the red planet Mars rover Curiosity. Some Internet users immediately suggested that the picture "lit up" Martian. At NASA has its own version.


At the very first black-and-white images sent Curiosity c of the Red Planet, was caught huge dark stain hanging over the horizon. In the following photo of the area, made with a higher resolution after two hours, this spot has not appeared, writes The Los Angeles Times.

A photo with a mysterious object caught the attention of Internet users. Amateur astronomers have begun to wonder what it might be: dirt or glare on the camera lens, optical effects. There were also those who are not in jest, half seriously suggested that the picture captures the true Martian. According to some bloggers noticed alien Curiosity and hurried escape from the camera view.

However, experts refute all the conspiracy theories. As explained in the NASA, the picture came from one of the machine that delivered the rover on the surface of the Red Planet. This is also indicated by satellite images of the landing Curiosity. In particular, the south-west of fall parachute, which slowed the rover during the fall in the atmosphere. And to the south-east of it is the heat shield that protected Curiosity from the extremely high temperatures during the fall.




In addition, 600 m to the north-west of the rover down the engine to brake Curiosity in the final seconds before landing. It was the time of the fall of the engine, according to the experts, and took a picture of the rover in the first seconds after the "primarseniya." More precisely, he has photographed a cloud of dust, which raised the element lander.

This version, which, at first glance, it seems unlikely, confirmed by satellite imagery. They show that in places the drop elements on the surface of Mars were deep furrows.

Recall, Curiosity "primarsilsya" in Gale crater on Monday at 09:17 MSK. The rover immediately made a few black-and-white photos of the Red Planet, but their quality was low because of the dust that covered rover landing. The photos were posted in the official microblog Curiosity in Twitter, which lead officers NASA.

The purpose of the device, which is a stand-alone chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet, and the study of its geological history. Also with the help of scientists are going to determine whether there was a thick atmosphere on Mars with a high water content.

The robot will work on the surface of the red planet for at least one Martian year (nearly two Earth years). However, the margin of safety will allow him to continue in business for at least ten years.

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