On the Amur could hit an ecological disaster

Near the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Khabarovsk Territory) on the Amur River operation is conducted by refloat cargo ship, stranded overnight.

The press service of EMERCOM in Khabarovsk region reported that on board the ship, owned by OAO "Amur Shipping Company", has 14 crew members and over 2 thousand tons of oil products. Motor vessel bound from Khabarovsk to port of Sovetskaya Gavan.

Damaged ship. Environmental contamination has not occurred. To assist with refloat the ship arrived in the area of the accident the ship "Stepan Seryshev" with 10 crew members and the captain-coach of the Amur Shipping Company.

To the scene has also launched operations group EMERCOM Russia's Khabarovsk region in the area of state inspectors Komsomolsk GIMS.

According to rescuers, another incident occurred on the Amur today at 10:00 local time (03:00 MSK). "At the 20th kilometer of the Amur river boat, following a flight from Khabarovsk to Fuyuan Chinese city with 35 passengers on board, ran aground. As a result of the accident no one was hurt. Vessel damage and pollution no", the source said.

According to the spokesman, at 13:00 (06:00 MSK) the vessel was removed from the steam-ships afloat "Moscow" and "Diamond" and returned to the port city of Khabarovsk, reports "Interfax".

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