On the beach in the UK issued a dead whale

On the sandy beach, located in a narrow strait between the cities Ramsgate and Sandwich in Kent, issued a fifteen-whale, reports This is Kent. The incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, March 3. According to witnesses the appearance of a whale in the sand, when the animal was on the beach, it is no sign of life.

Specialists, who left at the scene suggested that the beach threw sperm whale. Under any circumstances, he could have died, until set. According to preliminary information, a beached whale could attract herring.

In the near future the Coast Guard and representatives of environmental agencies decide what to do with the corpse of a sperm whale. The authorities have asked people in the region do not come close to a dead whale, because there was the risk of spread of disease-causing bacteria.

A few months ago at one of the beaches in the UK was also found dead whale. Six-meter whale was found on a beach in Wales. Then experts suggested that the animal died of starvation. The body of the animal was removed after it inspected the experts.

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