On the currency front — no change

There is still no dollars and euros in the exchange, vendors can not buy foreign currency in the interbank market. Transactions are moving underground. More and more cases where both state and commercial banks, citing the lack of available funds, can not return people to the contributions and asking customers to wait.

A growing number of holders and ruble and foreign currency deposits are trying to get your money back, even going to the premature termination of the contract with the bank and the payment of penalties. Many worried that the shortage of cash banks are simply "freeze" deposits, and then from higher interest rates will be no good. So, Ivan Crescent tries to take their dollars out of the bank, but to no avail:

"Just told to wait five days, then five more. Explain that this is a temporary phenomenon: that themselves have to purchase currency and then they will have to give. Though when I asked, they said that for five days post application — and no problems with the return will not. And then, you see, postponed for another five. then I went to the chief banker, he again said that this temporary difficulties, and promised that on Monday all I can cash out. Not quite true, I do, but said that supposedly will give accurate. This persuaded that annual for the currency to rise in September to 9.10% in order to not take off. But it's better to be in a stocking, so relaxed … ".

Persuaded that annual for the currency to rise in September to 9.10% in order to not take off. But it's better to be in a stocking, so calm

In the banks claim that the return of the deposits to individuals — the problem is completely solved, but by agreement with the applicant term closure of the account can actually be adjusted — say, in terms of foreign exchange shortages need radical intentions of the client know in advance.

On condition of anonymity, one of the bankers said that wanting to take their money has increased significantly since the devaluation, when at one point the value of all savings decreased by more than half. It is estimated that nationally the amount of loss on ruble deposits population exceeded 1.5 billion dollars. People in this situation can only see one way out — the investment of money in liquid commodity or currency freely kanversavanuyu.

Minsk stores selling large appliances, still can not get over the raid buyers. On the one hand, the department recognizes the vendor appliances CUM, well, that finally got rid of warehouses depended morally and physically obsolete products. On the other — new deliveries will go for quite different prices, so hopefully people will continue to purchase products with the same enthusiasm, however.

Reporter: "So dismantled and Belarusian and foreign — all at all?".

"So, grabbing everything in sight. Immediately dismantled refrigerators, washing machines, cookers — gas and especially electric. Several stand still, but they are written by wire transfer. Refrigerators are not any left at all, washing machines, too — neither Belarus nor foreign production . Composition unloaded completely. "

Grabbing everything in sight. The composition is completely unloaded

Reporter: "Delivery of course, it will be the new prices? '.

"Of course, but especially the new supply has not yet happened. But what is it, recalculated at the new prices. Do not think the hype will retain the same. What is the point missed dear? '.

In the currency exchange offices for sale there, and its occurrence in the near future is foreseen. The waiting mention that there was some excitement when people wanted to invest in technology:

"The only thing — when I was a stir in the still relatively cheap goods when bought everything. Then some people donate to 200, even $ 300 — purely for the purchase of household appliances, radio. And there's no traffic, pass only for the purpose of basic survival. There are even some people who are the same, which is three times of the day to come and rent for $ 10. Apparently, and want to stand possible longer, but did not go. That is, these are putting that feeling: priperlo to buy something, because somehow we must live. "

In the power structures of all the events are trying to distance themselves. And this is how the analyst believes Roman Kostitsyn, — The fundamental error of the country's leadership, as people at a time actually cast alone with problems:

"I propose to look at the information space and to try to catch out in the last two months of comments of government officials, the chairman of the government, some bank employees. Least try to see: there is an explanation of the situation or not I tried. I can say that they are, but either served by very strange and odd places, or just pointless. In short, there is a shortage of them. No work on the routing information, there is no work for vyravnovvanni image — or the external image of Belarus (mean financial and economic image in the first place), nor , which is especially critical internal. And because of this line, fighting in exchange both shame that retranslyavats love, so to speak, "the enemy" voices. "

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