One is a healthy village


Longevity as an anomaly. Scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of villages where people live the longest in Europe. Average — 85 years. In addition, they almost never get sick. The people themselves believe that the secret of their longevity — in the fresh air, clean water and stack mode. But scientists using the latest technology and have found something else: the villagers — the total gene mutation by which the body gets rid of harmful fats.

No matter how hard look — ordinary pensioners with an active lifestyle. Nine in the morning. Market. All — in the square, but all very much for the …

— How old are you?

— 77 years.

— And you?

— 95!

The fact that the village Kampodimele suspiciously long live noticed about 30 years ago. Project to study local phenomenon called "Monica". Scientists who settled in the castle, watching every step of the patients, but only recently looked into the DNA. Each sample found a mutation — a gene that allows to get rid of fat.



"This is certainly an anomaly — recognized Marcello Arch, professor of" La Sapienza ", the head of research — but all this would be an anomaly, because it protects. This is not a disease — these people have cholesterol levels, as children, that is, no atherosclerosis, which is killing our generation. "

There really is almost sick. Changing weather — jumps pressure, but no cores. And no tumors: cancer — a rarity. In the pharmacy, of course, look — for a band-aid, toothbrushes.

"Then their laws and their clocks — internal. How much is dinner? Exactly at twelve — not a minute later. Then walk as much as they should, in the hills. Nowhere in a hurry, that is stress, do not know," — says the pharmacist Anna Rosato .

Main mystery — where gone mutation. What is the need to eat or drink something like this to happen? Digging in memory genes, scientists have found only one clue: all the happy owners of the anomaly — the heirs of men who lived in the XVI century. Then, apparently, had family ties.

Surrounded by hills and forbidding towers of the castle recipe for longevity survived and still inherited. It is suspected that helps genes lifestyle and food. Already checked the air, on the water of the old mill and — most importantly — the field chicherki — chickpeas — rare for Italy legume species that grow only here and are prepared in a special way since ancient times: the evening soaked with water, add olive oil, chives and shallots slightly ham — for the smell.

Scientists believe that this is not the beans, but vdurg they really work? The main thing — the power of persuasion, not in vain here for this soup ever come incognito members of royal families and show business stars. By the way, the same bean soup local metabolize not like newcomers — faster metabolism twice, and it is — the subject of a new study.

Residents Kampodimele believe: in everything, including longevity, clean air is to blame. But maybe they do have something to hide. Judging from the paintings on the walls of City Hall, the truth about yourself here knew even before the arrival of scientists.

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