Open letter to the Russian elite

Gentlemen "elitist"! Government officials at all levels and corrupt big business! Ministers, heads of departments, the generals of all arms, prostitute figures intellectuals, military leaders "Arbat Military District" and other "warmed glory!"

We know that you regularly browse NSN "Wends", and we have to not only indirect but also direct evidence (reprint in government media, quotes in your speech and writing, etc.)
Therefore decided to appeal to you personally.

Although you lighten up, trying to pose as a riddle of the Sphinx (no inflation or denomination, buy a stock with a lag of deviation …), to understand your shallow soul wonder. This is not the binomial theorem and the quadrature of the circle. And even more — it is not "mysterious Russian soul."

To begin with, you are lucky. And keeps on winning. But rather than settle down and enjoy the victory, you have no way her kill. You are not liberals, and Statists, not left and right. Do you have before your eyes ideal — Roman Abramovich. Do you dream of living like Roma and spend as much as the Roma. And it is — your only genuine, sincere, not related to the PR dream.

You are in Russia — three million, if not more. A simple idea that Russia is technically not stand Abramovich 3 million do not attend you. Wanting to spend as novels, you find that at all apart from the common people money you are still not enough.

So, we need to increase revenue. But how? Method one — increasing pressure on its border countries, to its source of income. Let the ordinary people living in poverty and give you almost everything — you complain. Pressure, more pressure! It is not salty sweat and dark venous blood flows from the press, which you call the Russian economy, and under which you placed a naive and stupid, half-drunken people …

Wanting to save you — at least, it's probably not impossible — tell you with full responsibility experts: YOU tempt fate! When doing this again and again.

If we were able to settle in your simple thought (ideology kompensatorikami) — "We will leave itself to be, and they (the people) — leave what little they have left" — perhaps the future of Russia would not go on the most catastrophic scenario.

But we can not to shout to you! And, in the end, we did not hire you save, the more that you do not want to save himself with the tenacity of idiots!


About "Russian cross" in the demographics have all heard, and this is a separate big topic. Today we are talking about the Russian Economic Cross. Cross on which you possessed constantly increasing needs, crucified their source of income — the Russian people.

At the Cross — four nails:
1) Continuous reduction of salaries Russian
2) A permanent decline in employment Russian
3) The constant growth of prices and levies for Russian
4) A permanent decline in social and domestic security of Russian

Do you understand that you can not build on these four areas of INFINITE? No matter how humble and cowardly not get you people, can not indefinitely deprive him pay and rights with one hand, increasing the extortionate fees and humiliating abuse?

Do not tempt your Lord — said not only in the Scriptures of Christians and Jews in the Scriptures. Is not it?

What do you do for a "holy" aim to spend as much as Roman Abramovich? Tempt fate!

In 2009, the real inflation rate was 30% — or rather, as you have deducted from wages of the hired servants with a tool inflation. Not for nothing was in 2009, your combined wealth has doubled! But you seemed a little inflation understates the real slaves diet tricks. You reduce wages and just like that, in nominal terms. Parallel to inflation! Millions of people pay more than halved, with hundreds of thousands — in four or five times a year.

But not all have survived, even cut salaries. Parallel deductions from income you have deprived millions of people of the melting proceeds vyshvyrnuv them on the street!

Rob all working!

Your "optimization" — to pay less and less of a smaller and smaller number of wage, powerless slaves. For what? To catch up with their personal income to a level Abramovich! All the same, can not catch, but — an attempt is obvious.

So in 2009-10 — while reducing salaries and Employment — you come up with such "reforms" as:
1) Double the utility bills.
2) The increase of taxation.
3) The proposal to raise the retirement age.
4) plans to increase to 60 hours working week.
5) Introduction of paid schooling.

"… Rapid growth of monopoly and utility rates into question the primacy of social issues, says October 8 ultra-liberal" Nezavisimaya Gazeta "(2010) Experts say the tariff imbalance in favor of monopolies that in Russia they are owned in whole or in part the state itself."

Russian citizens expect in the next three years, the annual rise in utility bills by 15%. In comparison, the next three years the authorities have planned inflation of 6-7% or even lower. That is, the authorities officially allowed monopolies to raise tariffs, well ahead of inflation. Note that in the last few years, Russia has risen steadily to utility rates, and with the clear ahead of inflation. Income systematically redistributed to monopolies and utilities.

Background on what you are doing? The background is well known: the fall in purchasing power of citizens and a sharp decline in income entrepreneurs. Do you realize that to increase the pressure in the boiler, the steam valve tightly screwing — dangerous?

Rob all riding!

You are robbed of all motorists, overlaid them with new taxes under the guise of CTP. After all, any compulsory fee — is not buying, and the tax! Appetite comes with eating. And you've added to your own pocket road tax. The news service reported: "As you know, since the beginning of 2010 the Russian regions will have an opportunity to raise the price on the vehicle tax. This announcement was made deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Zhukov. This news is obviously from the category of bad news. This solution will be the order to clear pockets of Russian drivers. Thus, a large number of subjects of Russia are able to pretty much raise the vehicle tax in order to close the "road" in their deep holes treasury. Incidentally, in some regions, the transportation tax in 2010 could grow twice as fast! "

Rob all the living!

But this is not enough for you: do not give you peace of apartments of people who do not you build and you gave away. And more news from you:

"The tax on lodging. Are we bankrupt property taxes? Landlords have to pay for the property with the market value. Officials discuss tax, which is expected, and fear all the Russians — a tax on real estate. Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov has already stated that the tax rate is likely to be 0.01-0.05% of the market price of the apartment, which is 10 — 50 dollars for a one-room apartment. But pensioners for whom this figure — half the pension, hardly share the optimism of the Ministry of Finance. "

The movement is … income?

Signed a law regulating the use of roads for a fee. (Vladivostok, November 5, PrimaMedia). Dmitry Medvedev signed on Thursday a federal law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On Roads and Traffic in the Russian Federation and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation. " The press service of the President of Russia. Federal law passed by the State Duma on 22 October 2010 and approved by the Federation Council on October 27, 2010.

The ability to use a fee-based public roads or sections of roads within the competence of the state authorities of the Russian Federation, the state authorities of the Russian Federation and local self-government.

In Russia, began to try to enter the toll road back in 1990. But then the Liberals lied, that toll roads are parallel to the free and pay for them will only be willing — for the high level of quality of roads. This did not, of course, and now you're going to pay to drive the highway for an old road. According to the principle — if you want to go — pay!

This applies not only to motorists. The fare on the way reflected in the price of all the products in the stores. Poplyashut all the poor. And there is not far off — for a fee, transfer and pedestrian sidewalks. Do you want to go — pay! Is not it?

And with whom do you intend to take it all?

According to the ultra-liberal newspaper "Vedomosti" on November 3, 2010, "according to Rosstat, the end of the first half-year 2010 earnings below the poverty line (5625 rub.) Had 19.1 million people, or 13.6% of the population." Translated from the "monetarist language" in Russian means — FAST. They added another 700,000 Russians who have come out of poverty because of the summer drought in 2010 (according to the World Bank).

Their house — also a means to catch up with Abramovich. In Russia, has long been practiced forced resettlement poor to the deterioration of living conditions.

Itself — everything else — nothing!

Extortion and extortion in Russia carefully sidestep the representatives of the "elite." Little you flat rate tax level the millionaire and the janitor! Stripping the poor, the "elitist" is not going to pay even a single amount from robbing.

"The increase in vehicle tax for old cars could affect 25 million Russians" — according to news Automotives (23.09.2010) we are talking of a multiplying factor in the calculation of vehicle tax for cars older than five years proposed by the Ministry of Industry.

As of July 1, 2010 the share of cars older than five years old accounted for three-quarters of the domestic fleet. It is they who will bear the brunt of the tax. And the owners of expensive cars to save on taxes!


Perhaps you can multiply your tricks and more. But you will know yourself better than ours. The main thing is that all of them — stem from your gluttony, from the pursuit of such a consumer standard, which in principle can not be provided 3-4 million people in poor and dilapidated country.

We are not so naive as to expect the calls to mind three times to save your life is no use to anyone. We ask for a friend …

There is a poem from the late Igor Talkova:
Remembered and commander of the curse father
And as God's mandate to the river did not listen,
When clicked the shutter … and nine grams of lead
Released by the court of his sinful soul …

And in this regard, we ask you: when the shutter clicks (and if your behavior it always clicks) — think about us. The fact that one of the most beautiful days you have you read the text on the NSN "Vened," and laughed.

Let us remember that we warned you!

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